Delicious food, emotional toasts, and high-energy dances all make for an amazing and memorable wedding, however before all that it would be ideal if one can get to a wedding on time and in the right manner. Moodzie will share some tips, on how to avoid any transportation glitches, and arrive in an eloquent manner to the wedding. First tip would be to book your car in advance, if you know it is a holiday season and it might likely that you may not get your desired car, then surely do book it in advance, as stretched limos, or fancy cars are not always available, Moodzie believes it would be ideal to book roughly six months or so in advance. Next tip would be to think beyond the limo, as Moodzie realizes that a limo is the traditional form of transportation for couples, however there can other cars that may match your style better, maybe a sleeked-out Rolls-Royce or party-bus would be better suited to your desires. If possible Moodzie believes one should aim to give the attendants of the wedding a ride to the ceremony as well, specifically if they are not coming with you, maybe offer them a ride or form of transportation as it certainly a kind gesture, and shows great manner. Moodzie also believes it is key to pad every trip in advance, in case there might be traffic or any other sort of jam, being late on your own wedding can really damper one’s day, thus pad some extra time in case of delays.

Moodzie also believes one should be specific, as wedding transportation is always luxurious however, based on one’s own preferences highlight what exactly you want, and if one has any special requests let the company know them, for instance if you want the driver to wear a specific dress, or there be music in the car etc. the couple should let the transportation company know all of this well in advance. Furthermore, what makes wedding transportation different than regular transportation is not only the luxury but also the decorations, thus it is important to let the company know what sort of decorations do you want on the car, maybe have something that matches your wedding’s theme, a specific type of flower decoration, see what the company themselves recommends as they are well experience in this. Hence, Moodzie believes it is very important to have your car booked early, and also book the car you actually wish to have on your wedding day.

Below are great tips to transport you to your wedding:

10 Wedding Transportation Basics You Need to Know

Delicious food, emotional toasts and a high-energy dance floor make for a fabulous party, but before any of that can happen you need to get there-preferably on time. Transportation glitches can get your day off to an awkward start, making you anxious, pushing back the festivities and leaving your guests feeling cranky.

12 essential wedding transportation tips for hauling everyone around

Unless you’re having just one venue with ample parking near everyone you know, getting yourself and your guests where they need to be is not always an easy task. Plus, offering transportation keeps any tipsy driving to a minimum as well.

9 Tips for Wedding Transportation Bliss – Swoop – Medium

As the famous song says, ” Get me to the church on time,” or to the wedding ceremony or reception. There are so many important details to consider when planning the ideal wedding. Food, flowers, the music, the dress!…and of course, the people!

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