A wedding is a very important and key event in the soon-to-be married couple’s lives, and any guest that is going to be attending the wedding will usually bring some sort of gift, and Moodzie will give out some ideas on what gift one can get for a wedding. Depending on how close you are to the couple, what your budget exactly is, the type of wedding gift will differ, Moodzie will share some ideas on what types of gifts one can give. A classic is something like a dinner-plate set, as usually when couples get married they a lot of the times are moving or settling into a new home, and giving them things such as a kitchen set is something that they may certainly be needing, the budget is also variable as dinner sets come in a variety of different prices. Another sensible gift Moodzie believes can be something like a stylish bag or suitcase, as for the couple’s honeymoon after the wedding, they will be travelling giving them a nice bag or suitcase will be something they can use, whether it be for the honeymoon or later on.

Another idea would be something like a nice TV or TV table, as again assuming the couple is moving or settling into a new home, a TV is usually an essential, hence invest in a valuable and stylish TV or table, as that can be something they may use very often. If you are on a budget but still want to be a respectful guest and give the couple a valuable gift, Moodzie believes one should invest in a recipe book, as this can certainly help out the couple who may want to learn to cook new things, and a recipe book is a good idea and can certainly come in handy. Kitchen equipment, such as a toaster oven, or waffle maker can certainly be useful gifts specifically if the couple is moving into a new home, as they will need to setup a new kitchen, and by giving them such a gift you will be helping them out while also giving a nice gift as a guest. Items such as furniture, can also be very useful gifts and great ideas, they again will vary in budget, but if you are rather close to the couple maybe invest in some nice furniture for them, as it will be a very useful gift, and is a great idea that shows the couple you truly do care about them. If you are not very personally attached to the couple, then maybe give them a gift that is universally acceptable such as a nice basket of flowers or decorations, maybe some gift cards, so they can spend the money themselves for whatever they need, this can be a better idea if you are on a budget or are not very attached to the couple. Those are some ideas by Moodzie on what you may purchase for potential wedding gifts.

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Note: Since publishing this post, we’ve created a mega (non-obvious) wedding registry guide. Unfortunately the blue stripe option is sold out, but the blue polka dot version is available . It’s summer-wedding season, that time of year when you’re on the hunt for a gift that strikes the perfect note: splurgy but not precious, practical but not pedestrian, fun but not kitschy.

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