Every bride is the star of the wedding, and of course every bride wants to look like a star and beautiful as possible. Moodzie will share some tips how every bride can look and feel a lot more beautiful, as naturally it is the goal of every bride, and a very important aspect of their wedding that they have dreamt about. Most brides, spend some time deciding what to wear how to wear it, and how their dress will go alongside the wedding theme, however in comparison to the amount of time spent on deciding who to invite, where to hold the wedding, and thinking about others, the amount of time a bride actually spends on herself is minimal, compared to what she spends thinking about the ceremony. Most people think a beautiful bride is based on her dress, however Moodzie believes a lot more goes into it than the dress simply, and there are, various pre-wedding beauty tips Moodzie has to give to any bride having an upcoming wedding.

Firstly, would be CTM, which translates into Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing, basically cleansing can help one lose the extra few pounds of water retention, and make the bride feel a lot more light and healthy, compared to feeling bloated and tired. Cleansing has various different forms, some people simply go on a water cleanse, others go on a juice/fruit cleanse, and also some vegetable cleanses, cleanses are usually short term, and should be done around a week or so before the wedding, as it will shed off the extra few pounds of water retention. Toning takes a longer time, and basically involves going to the gym and eating healthy, and is more of a long-term lifestyle change, as this will simply make the bride feel and look a lot better, and they would fit into their dress a lot better. Moisturizing involves taking care of one’s skin, and constantly applying lotion and healthy skin products to take care of oneself, as it will help the bride look a lot more bright and radiant during her wedding day. Other things brides can do should be done a few days before the wedding such as spa days, manicures or pedicures, hair removal, and removal of dead skin, all these things will help the bride look much more radiant and fresh.

Thus, Moodzie believes the process of beautifying in terms of toning and going to the gym, are more long-term, hence maybe a few months before the wedding the bride should attempt going to the gym and eating healthier, whereas other are more short-term fixes that can drastically improve the look of the bride.

Below are great tips to look amazing on your wedding day:

15 Wise Bridal Beauty Tips From Past Brides

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Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts

Is there any beauty bummer worse than the classic bad-hair day? Smudged makeup can be fixed with relative ease, but frizzy, flat or flyaway hair? That’s a different story, and it’s certainly a scenario you want to avoid on your wedding day. So be prepared. Be very prepared. Here are some guidelines.

Pre Bridal Tips: Top 12 Pre Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides To Be

Every bride is the star of her wedding. Months are spent on deciding the wedding date, the invitation lists, and the decorations. The thoughts of her clothing and accessories consume the bride’s every waking moment. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride forgets the most important thing to take care of – herself.

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These are the makeup tips every bride needs to know ahead of her wedding day

We’ve heard the standard advice for bridal beauty – ‘keep it natural’, ‘glowing skin is key’, ‘avoid smokey eyes and bold colours’. Yawn. What about the practical, BS-free advice we actually want for our wedding day? The keep-on-hand products, the fuss-free prep, the disaster fixers (*touches wood*)?

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