Below are great tips to look amazing on your wedding day:

For many brides, finding the right dress is the most exciting part of wedding planning. Tons of people dream about their bridal gown for years and years, even before they find the right partner and get engaged. But just because you’re enthusiastic to start shopping and have envisioned your perfect outfit since you were a little girl, doesn’t mean that you’re ready to
jump to the process without any preparation, Moodzie will share some key tips to help you select the best wedding dress possible. Firstly, Moodzie believes one should set a budget, as shopping without a cut-off point is like driving without a gas gauge. Plan to spend about 10 percent of your overall budget on your dress. But consider this number a starting point. If fashion is more important to you than, say, flowers or music, increase your dress spending and scale back in other places. Next tip by Moodzie, would be to take your time, as it takes time to plan one’s wedding venue, transportation and other things, it may also take some time to find the right dress, thus be patient with it first and foremost. It takes about six to 12 months from the moment you place the order to when you can bring the gown home, so once you have that ring on your finger, it’s game on. The designer needs four or five months to make it, and then you’ll want to schedule three fittings, about one month apart. By being responsible and starting early, one should also do their research when it comes to searching for the right dress, what sort of fitting do you want, do you want a more so flashy one or a simple one, thus, before buying a dress, ask others, and do your research and then start browsing the shelves. On reality shows, brides always bring a whole crew of friends and family members to join in on the shopping fun. And every single time, there’s loads of drama. The takeaway? Less is more when it comes to companions. Bring one or two people whose input means the most to you, or else it can get quite confusing, as everyone has different input, thus it would be best to stick with those who are closest to you. Lastly, Moodzie believes one should step out of their comfort-zone, as many times a dress does not look that great on the shelves, however when one wears it then it may fit and look a lot better, thus be confident and wear whatever you wish.

33 Crucial Tips To Find The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

7. Give mass retailers Like J. Crew, Anthropologie, and The Limited a try BCBG, Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor have all launched bridal collections, and with the exception of Anthro, most dresses are under a $1,000 (and many are actually under $500). 13. Get your gang together before you go shopping 25.

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20 wedding dress shopping tips only a bridal stylist knows (& now you too!)

Take special care when you select which guests will join you on this wedding dress hunt. First, check how many guests your salon will allow in their rooms (most often 4-5 including the bride). Second, take a good hard look at who needs to be there.

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 A great tip from a specialist in alterations in bridal and formal wear and made to measure bridesmaid dresses. It will spare the disappointment!

weddingBelow is a great tip for when buying  your Wedding Gown:

Please look locally FIRST before you decide to buy your Wedding Gown ONLINE.

As the owner of Souzy’s Dressmaking & Alteration Service, at Helensvale, Gold Coast, Qld, I sew and alter many Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Gowns, Formal Dresses, etc.  I have had many customers (particularly the bride-to-be) who have come to me very upset because they purchased their Wedding Gown online and were extremely disappointed when their gown arrived looking very different to the online description and photo.

The cost of the alternation to fit or change their wedding gown to suit certainly negated any financial saving these customers thought they would make by purchasing their ‘very special gown’ online.

The Bridal Company at  7/178 Siganto Drive, Helensvale  have very elegant, good quality and affordable gowns. I fully recommend this company for any future bride-to-be, or for that matter, for formal gowns, bridesmaid or any formal dress you may require. They can be contacted on (07) 5665 9436.

For more information contact :

Souzy Pietrini 

Shop 2/142 Siganto Drive, Helensvale, Gold Coast 4212

Open: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm

Sat 9am – 12.30pm

Ph: 07 5665 9049  Mob: 0402 872 577

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