Water is something that is essential for all humans to survive, most people on average should consume a minimum of 6 glasses of day. Moodzie, however realizes that many people may struggle to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated, and others may simply not have access to good quality clean water.

Moodzie has some tips, for both those who simply cannot drink the required amount of water to remain hydrated, and tips for those who are not drinking high quality clean water. As beginning with the latter, a lot of the times tap water may not be the cleanest or purest form of water within a country, as many people die because of water related illnesses. One must realize, that if one has the ability to go out there and gain access to high quality clean water, we must put ourselves in that situation, as it is essential. Mineral water in many places can be a healthy alternative to tap water. Specific types of water such as alkaline water, is known to be superior grade water, that happens to be great for one’s health as well.

Other potential tips to make the water we drink healthier, would be doing things such as adding essential oils in our drink, as this not only helps us hydrate but also gets other important fatty acids into our body. Furthermore, as roughly ¾ of the world is filled with water, water’s benefits are not only associated with drinking water, as majority of the earth’s water is not drinkable.

Doing things such as swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, and of course when you swim you are not drinking water, but nonetheless you are being physically active while in water. Swimming not helps physical health, but is also great for your mood and emotional regulation, as it helps you feel more relaxed, and a healthier you will be a happier you. Doing things such as simply splashing your face with cold water, or taking a nice warm shower can really freshen you up and make you feel much better.

Finally, a tip for those who simply struggle to drink enough water to remain hydrated, tips by Moodzie would be possible some you may have already heard, or others that are new and creative. Doing things such as drinking a glass of water after every bathroom break, can help build a habit, as we use the bathroom several times a day, and usually right after the bathroom, if we get a glass of water, then help us drink enough glasses to hit our daily requirements.

Another tip, would be to sip a glass before every meal, not only could this help you hit your daily water goals, but it may also curb calorie intake, as a lot of the times we eat a lot of food, sometimes we aren’t even hungry we may just be dehydrated, but drinking that extra can help fill our stomach up with much needed water. A lot of people may just find drinking in cups or glasses boring, maybe getting a nice and fancy bottle would be the cure for them, as a lot of the times bottles have measurements on them as well, and make it easier to track the specific amount of total water one is getting into their body.

Lastly a tip by Moodzie would be to leave the sugary sodas behind, and substitute whenever you can with water, maybe add some ice to the water, to make it seem more like a drink, this not only helps you drink more water, but also keeps one away from unhealthy useless beverages. Hence water has various benefits, both essential and non, however drinking enough water, the right kind of water, doing water-based activities such as swimming or showering, can really help you remain a happier and more stress-free individual.

Moodzie believes that water can have a huge calming influence. Here are awesome tips to bring more water into your life.

Tip 1: Drink Alkaline Water

A great tip from Noela Lopatich

Awareness of the effects of acidity on the body is increasing among health professionals.

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Tip 2: Filter your water and use BPA free water bottles

A great tip from Earthheartbeat

Pure water in healthy containers or bottles is essential for good health. Purchase a water filter to filter the toxins out of your drinking water.



Tip 3: Add lemon or essential oil into to your water

A great tip from Valentina Rentsch

Put some lemon or lemon essential oil in your morning water. It helps to detox your night body. When you drink your big glass of water in the morning, make it the first thing you do after getting up (and maybe going to the toilet). It’s important to wait for about 40 minutes before you have breakfast or drink anything else. That way your system is flushed first thing in the morning.

This Is Why Everyone’s Drinking Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning

It’s nearly impossible to wake up from a long night’s sleep without feeling at least a little thirsty. And since you’re going to drink a glass of water anyways, why not add a dash of lemon to the mix? You’ll be wonderfully surprised at what this little trick will do for your health.

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