Moodzie realizes that moving can be a very tough task for many, however when one thinks about it there are both many psychological and physical benefits to moving. As maybe sometimes, we as humans need to move around especially, considering within this virtual world most adults and children spend the vast majority of their hours sitting, whether that be for personal or work-related reasons. Moving itself is critical for not only physical or psychological health, but also emotional and mood regulation, as physically active people typically have better moods than those who are not.

Moodzie will explain on why to make the task of moving something we should do more often, and in fact explain the psychological and physical benefits of moving. One physical benefit to combat the task of moving can be, that a lot of the times, moving can improve your cardiovascular system drastically. As really Moodzie loves to move, because now Moodzie has great cardio and never gets tired. This can help out in other sports, or areas of life, as good cardiovascular health is always great. Moodzie also loves to move because it helps with a clearer respiratory system, as now Moodzie can breathe a lot easier and better, compared to in the past, as it is near impossible for Moodzie to get tired because Moodzie moves all the time.

Moving can also be a great way to burn calories, hence Moodzie loves to move because now Moodzie’s physical condition is in top shape and very fit, because again Moodzie is moving all the time. Moodzie realizes that moving can certainly be a tough task, but something moving emphasizes on, is team effort, as usually when people move, they do so in groups a lot of the time, a team effort is required, whether that be a team effort in tasks such as organizing a cardio class, or a team effort in the sense of when people are struggling to adjust or psychologically be willing to keep on exercising, others around them similar to a team, give them support and help them out.

Moodzie also emphasizes on the psychological benefits of moving, because Moodzie realizes that moving can certainly be a tough and very daunting task for many, as sitting on a chair and playing games is a lot easier, however with a better state of health you can live life fully and do all kinds of activities for longer. Taking part in sports groups also helps develop social relationships and reduces the risk of depression and anxiety, as Moodzie realizes moving helps you physically and psychologically, hence we should all move.

Moodzie believes that moving will assist with emotional regulation. Below are some great tips.

Tip 1: Heavy work assists with emotional regulation

This blog has some great information about how ‘heavy work’ works and some activity ideas. This is important for some children to help with their emotional regulation

Lauren O’Sullivan
Occupational Therapist

40 Heavy Work Activities for Kids

Our body has an internal sense known as “proprioception,” which is basically our sense of body awareness. Our body senses proprioception through messages sent to the brain from sensory receptors in our muscles and joints.

Tip 2: Below are some great strategies for calming and improving focus:

From Natalie Clarke, Kerelyn Mahoney, Annette Smith

  • Yoga
  • Trampoline
  • Walk
  • Skip
  • Dancing
  • Swings
  • Brain Gym
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Wii dance or sports

The Official Brain Gym Website

Welcome to Brain Gym – Educational Kinesiology. We are a worldwide network dedicated to enhancing living and learning through the science of movement.

Trampolines Are Good Therapy

Trampolines Are Good Therapy

Yoga For Kids: Free Printable Poster Collection | Childhood101

Our printable Yoga for Kids sequences are a hit with parents and teachers alike. Developed in partnership with the wonderfully talented Giselle of Kids Yoga Stories, these posters are free to print and enjoy (personal, non-commercial use only). Click on the individual poster below to download and print.

Autism spectrum disorders and motor skills | Skills for Action

Children on the autistic spectrum often have difficulties with posture, coordination and motor planning. In fact recent studies show that movement difficulties are very common in children on the spectrum.

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9 Benefits of Soccer That Will Have You Kicking Balls All Day Long

If you have never played the great game of soccer before, you really might want to consider giving it a try. Soccer is a really fun sport that everybody can play, it can be played pretty much anywhere, and it doesn’t cost much to play either.

Home – T-Tapp

Posture Power – Maintaining the T-Tapp Stance during movement can immediately increase heart rate and maximize muscle activation even more. Because of this all T-Tapp workouts provide strength training and aerobic conditioning at the same time without the use of equipment or impact.

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