Compassion is a genuine and legitimate sympathy for someone who maybe suffering or going through a tough time and be struggling. Most people show compassion in various different ways, as everyone in a sense is unique. Moodzie will share some of his very own tips to show compassion, and how you can still be unique but also compassionate.

Moodzie believes the best way to show compassion is to begin with your very own self, as many times we as people do not praise our own achievements ever, and by showing compassion towards yourself you can forgive yourself for mistakes, and take it easy on yourself, which will better improve you to be compassionate, towards others. Another tip by Moodzie would be to, communicate with others more so, in a very unique manner, both verbally and non-verbally, and rather than being a talker, be a listener, and pay attention to what other people are telling you. Ask people open-ended questions, so they can truly believe, that you are someone who they may confide in. Moodzie also believes to be compassionate, sometimes non-verbal communication, can be great, for instance if someone is depressed and showing their frustration, rather than verbally communicating maybe just give that person a hug, and that can possibly make her feel better than any words.

Moodzie also believes you show aim to encourage others, if you sincerely want to be compassionate, as again everyone is unique and sometimes other people forget, hence if you encourage them and give those people a positive reinforcement, it will increase the likelihood of you becoming compassionate. Most people who also happen to show compassion, are either very kind or expressive, and most of the times both, hence another tip by Moodzie would be to express yourself and be kind. As if you respect others to respect you, you have to respect them hence kindness is essential, furthermore most compassionate people unique in their respective ways, nonetheless are always expressive, as if you cannot express your true emotions it really is hard to feel compassion for others. Furthermore, as someone who may aim to be compassionate, we must also remember to consider the words we use, not become overly-emotional and initiate inappropriate contact, as that may rather than showing compassion show something else inappropriate.

A final tip by Moodzie would be to become more compassionate, would be to volunteer as a lot of the times, we can cultivate compassion through volunteering, and that can connect you to others, giving you a chance to make new friends and increase your social skills. Hence to conclude those are Moodzie’s tips on how to become more compassionate, which will surely also help you with mood and emotional regulation.

Moodzie believes that compassion is a great skill to learn as it helps you to understand others. Here are great tips to show compassion:

Tips from Moodzie and Diane Reed Faist

  1. Be considerate
  2. Be affectionate, if appropriate
  3. Communicate in a warm way
  4. Show empathy
  5. Be selfless
  6. Practice acts of kindness
  7. Send a meaningful positive message
  8. Show unconditional love
  9. Care for animals
  10. Care for the environment
  11. Listen: When you listen to others and stop talking, it is amazing what can happen. We really need to listen to what they are saying (and sometimes even hear their silent message of the heart, when we really tune in)

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