Medium: Mitchell Coombes for your amazing guidance

mitchellI am very grateful that  I had the opportunity to meet Mitchell Coombes.  In 2009, I had a couple of readings from him at the Body Health and Harmony show in Sydney. At the time he gave much amazing guidance and the gift of my website’s name, Life Cleansing. With his inspiration, it gave me the ability to put my vision into action. It has far more reaching than I could ever have imagined. Life cleansing now encompasses the gift of apps, books, stories and tips that can enrich others and make such a difference in the world. Over the years, we have met at one of his book signings (2013) and at an evening event (June 21, 2014). It is wonderful to be around his positive energy. Mitchell’s gift can impact people’s lives so profoundly, especially those people who need it the most. I will never forget his INSPIRING words and the difference it has made to my life…and to the lives of many others.   Natalie Clarke

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