Never underestimate the power of a rose!

Place the perfect message into your iMessages to someone you care about with “Roses For You Sticker pack.”

Build your own inspirational stickers with this incredible pack. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, animated and static stickers to create a masterpiece that you can share.

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Sticker Pack Contents:

Artistic designs include a collection of over:

* 30 Animated Stickers
* 120  backgrounds, inspirational messages and static stickers

How to use stickers:

-Tap a sticker to add it to your message thread and SEND it
-Drag another sticker onto the message thread and place it on the previous sticker
-Scale and rotate stickers by using a second finger before you place them in the message thread



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Tips for Giraffes

Moodzie would like to share some facts about one of the coolest and tallest animals in the world, which happen to be giraffes. Giraffes also known as the gentle giants of the jungle, happen to be incredibly large and tall, they are primarily located within the savannah region of Africa, where they are able to roam around freely in the open and free plains. Moodzie believes the most unique attribute about a giraffe, contributing to its long stature, would be the well-known long neck of the giraffe, as a good portion of the actual height of the giraffe is within the neck region.

Thanks to Tolga Bat Hospital for help with Where's the bat?

A few years ago, I wrote a book to help students learn about…

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