Moodzie realizes that pregnancy can be a tough time for many women, as getting adequate sleep, mood swings, and a varying diet, all occur during pregnancy. With all the tough aspects of pregnancy, Moodzie will share some tips on how one can relax more so in the tough period of pregnancy. Firstly, one must admit during pregnancy one is going to eat more, and naturally get more mood swings, as many people go into denial or believe they will not suffer any major symptoms associated with pregnancy. As pregnancy is a natural process, that a lot of women sooner or later will have to go through, rather than making it tough and brutal, one must look at the positives and focus on relaxation during pregnancy, and making the process easier. Doing activities such as yoga or stretching can be very beneficial while pregnant, as it relaxes you and also helps one remain relatively toned and flexed. Yoga has been known for better relaxation, and both mentally and physically, while stretching helps keeps your muscles from becoming too tense. Another way to help one relax during the phase of pregnancy, would be to treat yourself to a nice massage, as receiving a massage can certainly help relax any tensed muscles, as this also takes out stress both physically and mentally. One can go get a massage or stretching classes/yoga at most commercial gyms, and also possibly go to a professional masseuse or spa. If a professional massage is not an option, then one can get massages from a relative or friend, whether it be a neck, leg, or arm massage. Activities such as deep breathing, can also be very beneficial for women going through pregnancy, as deep breathing eases one’s muscles, lower your heart rate, and also help one sleep much quicker. A tip by Moodzie, would be to lay down on a carpet or bed, with your legs extended, slowly breathe through your nose and eventually breathe out of your mouth. Progressive muscle relaxation, can also be beneficial for women going through pregnancy, as progressive muscle relaxation can really help you sleep, the main idea is to release tight muscles by first tensing and then relaxing them. One should do this while lying down, on a bed or carpet, and should focus on one muscle group at a time, and start from the upper body muscles down to the lower body muscles. Lastly a key tip by Moodzie to help any woman relax during their pregnancy would be to simply, sleep more, as sleeping more can help one relax obviously, keep stress levels low, and keep one fresh and healthy, as a key struggle for women going through pregnancy is getting enough sleep, and whether you are busy, or simply struggle to sleep, people must find some sort of method to get their required 8 hours or so of sleep.

Tip 1: Get great tips for relaxation in this free Ebook

Share this post to dowload a free Ebook on various techniques such as:

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • and various other techniques

Tip 2: Nutrition helps with your mood and can help you to relax

Veggie Min

PN VeggieMin, 74 plus minerals, Senonian Vegetate Minerals, Minerals are Life, Paradise Nutrients

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Tip 3: Discover the benefits of massage for pregnancy

Massage is beneficial for pregnancy for the following reasons:

  • Help relax and reduce anxiety
  • Help to reduce pain and discomfort in all areas of the body
  • Reduce toxins in the body
  • Note: Use a recommended and qualified massage therapist  for newborn babies

Here is a great video on pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage for relaxation

Giving your partner a prenatal massage can help her relax while pregnant and when she goes into labor. These easy techniques can be used throughout pregnancy and in the delivery room to relieve stress and ease tense and tired muscles.


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Tip 4: Use Organic products to relax and nourish your body

calming-mist-spray-100mlOrganic Calming Mist Spray 100ml

Garden of Light uses only pure certified organic oils appropriate for sensitive skin.

This beautifully soft, fragrant calming mist spray with lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and vanilla helps to draw all around it into the sphere of deep relaxation and the warmth of love.
…protecting baby in this beautiful vulnerability.
This calming mist spray is suitable for newborn babies, children & even for mums and dads.

Made with 100% certified organic ingredients, plant derived and hand-blended product made with great care and love.

Filtered rain water (aqua), decyl glucoside (solubiliser), vitamin E natural (D-a-tocopherol), chamomile german blue 3% in jojoba oil * (matricaria chamomilla), 3% neroli in jojoba* (citrus aurantium amara), lavender oil* (lavandula angustifolia), sandalwood Australian* (santalum spicatum), vanilla oleoresin oil * (vanilla plantifolia).
Certified organic ingredients = *
Store below 28C

To use:
Spritz 5-10 sprays in the air above and around mum and bub (and/or dad!) to enhance feelings of relaxation and love.

mummys-tummy-oil-100ml2Organic Mummy’s Tummy Oil 100ml

This oil is luxurious, allowing mum-to-be a moment to be nourished, embraced and nurtured.

This is her time and she needs to feel completely ‘delicioused’ and supported.

Garden of Light Organics uses only pure cold-pressed organic sesame, olive, jojoba oil which together with vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil provides effective essential fatty acids to help the skin to adapt to the expanding demands, without leaving marks.

The products created here are energised with Love.
Our impulse is to support and encourage the wondrous flowering of all living beings and animals into the radiance of their True Heart’s Desire, thus allowing the blossoming of Real Life.

bounce-back-gel-50g1‘Bounce Back’ – organic soothing gel 50g

With arnica for bruising, calendula to aid in the healing of cuts and abrasions, and aloe vera to cool and soothe.

100% natural, plant derived and hand-blended product made with great care and love.

To Use:

Spoon out a small amount of the soothing gel into your hand and gently apply to effected areas. Note: please make sure the affected area has been cleaned/ bathed before applying.
Bounce back is effective in speeding up the skins healing process after any bumps! As arnica has natural properties that speed up the body’s process of clearing away bruising and swelling, and the calendula to calm & restore red, cut, or grazed skin. Mandarin, chamomile and lavender essential oils will help the spirit to bounce back and find joy in the play again.

Re-apply the gel to effected area(s) several times a day to receive maximum benefit.

Comes in 50ml round jar

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Tip 5: You Will Benefit From Reflexology during your pregnancy

Here are some great tips and benefits of reflexology for pregnancy.  View the video on how to perform pregnancy reflexology.   Reflexology is a non-evasive treatment that doesn’t tickle the feet. It stimulates the vital organs, thus helping them to work better with increased blood flow.


Julie Turner

Healing Hands Therapies, Brisbane

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Tip 7: Here is great meditation music to help you to relax

: Home :

Meditation, relaxation, healing music from the archangels and goddesses by Mark Watson keyboardist, composer of the Waves Series, The Archangel Themes, The Goddess Series, Night Shades, and others.

Awakening Intuition: Guided Meditations by Mitchell Coombes on iTunes

Preview, buy and download songs from the album Awakening Intuition: Guided Meditations, including “Music for Meditation”. Buy the album for $16.99. Songs start at $1.69.

Tip 8: Here are 12 great oils for pregnancy from Young Living

 Healing RoomPregnancy can be a fun and exciting time for mom as she brings a child into the world. It may cause different feelings to surface and emotions to change. These changes may start right away, and are experienced differently by each person. I would like to share with you some of the changes that you might face, and how they may be eased with the help of Young Living’s Feelings™ Kit.

Tension and Stress
Tension and stress are emotional concerns that may run through your mind. You may experience feelings like “Am I ready for this?” or “Will the baby be all right?” Apply Harmony™ oil to the sides of the body. It will help you relax and let go of stress, tension, and fear. Then you can process your emotions easier, and learn to enjoy pregnancy.

Because of the changes during pregnancy, you may often feel drained. This can cause emotional energy blocks in the body, and leave you feeling worn out. Apply Young Living’s essential oil of Valor® to your shoulders. It may help you have more strength and courage to process and let go of the emotional blocks, thus improving your energy level.

Fear is a normal emotion you may experience during pregnancy. It may leave you feeling afraid about the baby’s development and the labor and delivery process. You may think, “What if something goes wrong?” Apply Release™ oil to your head. It may help you release the emotion of fear, and bring you into an attitude where you are able to let go of that negative emotion.

Hormonal Imbalance
It is well known that pregnancy changes the hormones in a woman’s body. The hormonal changes can be stressful at times. It may affect different areas of the body, such as the liver, stomach, and kidneys. It may result in the discharge of toxins though the body. All of this may hold you back from balancing your emotions. Apply Present Time to the back of the neck. It may help bring you into the here and now and balance the emotions you may be experiencing. It can also ground the body and release emotional blocks.

Frustration and Nervousness
At times the pregnant mummy may feel frustrated and nervous. This can be caused by the physiological changes from pregnancy or the many emotions you may be feeling. If you are feeling frustrated and nervous, maybe the first step is to use Inner Child™ oil. Put Inner Child under the nose. This essential oil may help ease your mind. It may provide what is needed to stimulate your memory to reconnect with your inner self. This can help you find emotional stability and bring joy to your heart, mind, and body.

Ups and Downs
Sometimes during pregnancy you may experience hard times with cycles of ups and downs. It might be difficult for you to calm down. From all the physical and emotional changes you are going through, you might also be fighting some sadness and feeling down. Apply Forgiveness™ oil to the heart. You may feel a shift in the body or a feeling of lightness. Draw in Forgiveness and let it improve the attitude and help with a sense of grounding and wellbeing.

These quick, simple, and easy steps may help bring changes to help relieve the pregnant mummy. They can help you cope with the nine months of pregnancy and better handle some of the emotional discomfort and stress you may experience during pregnancy.

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Sunshine Coast Australia
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Tip 9: Stay Calm after having a baby:

Here are great tips from Sarah Solomon from High Style Life on:

How to Cope with Being Away from Your Baby

As a working mom and someone who loves being active most of the time, the first year of my little one’s life, in addition to being incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, also felt confusing, to say the least. On one end, the nine months of pregnancy and the first couple of months of bonding and finding our routine strengthened our bond beyond my wildest dreams – I couldn’t imagine myself being away. However, my need to grow and go back to work one day at a time caused conflicting emotions. I was overwhelmed by guilt, worry, and a constant urge to call and check on my baby.

I know I’m not alone in this rollercoaster that is early motherhood, so now, with a new perspective a few years later, I can finally share how I managed. Perhaps some of you will appreciate the tips, and I genuinely hope you’ll find your own system to cope and overcome separation anxiety.

Talk to your loved ones

There’s no need to force yourself to hide your emotions and your struggle. I’ve had dozens of different conversations with my spouse as well as my parents, since my mom often volunteered to take care of our baby when we craved for some time alone. It helps when someone points out a different perspective, showing you that your baby will benefit from those experiences, and that they are as natural as your maternal instincts.
My husband would soothe me just by listening, and he’d always know what to say to a whole range of my chaotic thoughts. These conversations helped me process my emotions, acknowledge them, and find the best way to face them each time.
Take baby steps

This may be one of those universal steps that all moms need to go through in order to find their feet in the first year of their baby’s development. The learning curve of being a mom is steep, and it always feels as if you’re mastering yet another new task. Then, suddenly, you need to take some time away from your child and you have no clue how to go about it.
The best thing to do is plan for it, and try doing little “separation” exercises during the day. If your baby is having fun with their favorite toy, you can go to a different room for a couple of minutes. You can also try leaving the baby with your caretaker of choice for ten minutes while you take a walk around the block, and then increase your time away as much as you can. Slowly, you’ll see that both you and your baby will enjoy these experiences and appreciate the time you do spend together even more.

Find reliable caretakers

Another huge milestone for me was when I realized that our parents cannot be the ones to take care of our baby once we decide to go back to work fulltime. So, instead of going into that “full panic” mode, I started looking for an early learning centre near me where my child would have fun and get the care he needed.
I wanted the best possible environment for baby care, but also plenty of learning opportunities for when he gets a little older. The nearby location was an added bonus to my piece of mind, making it an easy choice, since I could be there in a matter of minutes if anything happens – and as a mom, that is always a priority.

Of course, you focus on your baby almost non-stop and they occupy your every thought, it’s in our nature to always listen and look for signs that we need to help them somehow. However, in all the rush to care for out little ones, we tend to neglect our own wellbeing.
In those early stages of adapting to separation, choose to fill that time with self-care activities such as a bubble bath, going for a walk in the park, or enjoying a revitalizing massage. Do something that will relax you and help you heal, and prevent you from frantically checking your phone every two minutes. For me, yoga classes were the ones that helped me cope, even though I’d always be eager to see my baby boy as soon as possible after the session.

On a final note

Look for the positives! We all need to find our own tempo of adjustment, listen to our emotions, and focus on what truly matters, and that’s your and your baby’s health. I hope you’ll find some use of these tips, or that they’ll inspire you to discover other solutions that will help you enjoy every precious moment of your little one’s babyhood!

Going Back to Work After Having a Baby – Pregnancy Centre