Moodzie realizes that eating enough, and eating enough of the right kind of food can surely be a tough task during pregnancy. As normally women, are not used to eating food for two living individuals, whereas during the unique phase of pregnancy, one must realize that not only are they eating for their own satiation but that of a growing baby as well.

Food should not only be used to simply fill yourself up during the phase of pregnancy, as you should aim to nourish yourself with the premium quality foods, for yourself and your baby, even though a lot of us do not care much about eating healthily, one must surely want their baby to grow and be born healthy and nourished, hence focus on eating healthy foods and snacks. Women will naturally gain weight when pregnant, however they should aim to gain the right kind of weight, that is healthier for their baby, and to do that they should aim to eat healthier and more natural foods.

Moodzie believes, that to keep oneself nourished optimally, women should avoid eating foods that contain high amounts of salt or sodium, foods such as chips, fries, salty snacks, or greasy fried foods should be kept to a minimum, as this will raise your blood pressure, and also cause an uneasy feeling within the stomach, similar to constant bloating. One should certainly aim to eat lots of protein, such as grilled meats, fish, or plant-based protein, milk and dairy products in moderation can be very beneficial as well, such as maybe eating Greek yogurt, organic milk, or non-processed cheese. Plants and veggies should certainly be included within the diet, as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, and also contain a lot of fiber, which can help ease the digestion process, especially when you are eating a protein rich diet.

Women typically will eat more calories when they are pregnant, however the saying “eat for two” is not exactly true, as the baby is still growing and does not require the same number of calories to remain nourished compared to an adult, most women should consume an extra 500 or calories during pregnancy maybe a little more or less depending on what exact stage they are at. Women certainly should not aim to diet down or lose weight during pregnancy as firstly, it is not natural, and it can harm your baby’s growth. Moodzie does believe exercise should be done during pregnancy, however the intensity should be moderate compared to pre-pregnancy workouts. Thus, in overall aspects Moodzie believes to keep your baby nourished, one should aim on eating organic, protein-dense, plant-based, non-salty, and overall healthier foods, while eating at a calorie surplus but not necessarily doubling your caloric intake.

Below are great tips to nourish you and your baby:

Tip 1: Get great tips for nutrition during your pregnancy

Feel great during your pregnancy find out what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy.

Tip 2: Nourish yourself and your baby during pregnancy

Tip 3: Discover the best chocolate on Earth that will nourish you and your baby. Food of the Gods!

Enjoy chocolate that tastes amazing and will benefit you and your baby. Discover how you can get it posted directly to your door!

Raw Organic Cocoa is rich in zinc and wonderful for pregnant women

Rich bitter dark chocolate Deliciously deep and Aromatic

This 100% pure Certified Organic raw cocoa powder is rich bitter dark, deliciously deep and Aromatic. Cocoa in its raw form; prior to the creation of the the modern day chocolate that we know, is actually one of the most abundant, rich and nutritious foods. According to South American traditions, Cocoa is a Divine Gift to the world. Great for drinking or adding to your favourite chocolate cake or other yummy recipes!

Soul Fire Organic Cocoa Nibs

The South American Mayans, Aztecs and Incas tell of how the Cacao tree was a gift from a Divine source, and therefore held as sacred. Aztec legends state that Quetzlcoatl, the good and wise God of wind and life brought with him the seeds from his garden to Earth, and hence came the Cacao Tree.

Today, Cocoa’s delicious fame has spread across the entire world, and recent research has confirmed the enormous nutritional benefits it has to sustain health and wellbeing. With almost 4000 different compounds, it is one of the highest sources of nutrition in the plant world, including iron, magnesium and antioxidants. It also has two “bliss” chemicals, which are naturally produced in the brain when we are ‘in love”,  an amino acid called Phen-ylethylamine, and a neurotransmitter called Anandamide, so named after the Sanskrit word Ananda, meaning Happiness, Joy & Bliss. Cocoa is great for reducing stress, and has a rejuvenating effect.

Ingredients: 100% certified organic cocoa nibs

Soul Fire – Organic Cocoa Beans 100g

Cocoa beans have quantities of Tryptophan and Phenylethylamine, amino acid precursors to protein building, and a neurotransmitter, Anandamide (or the “Bliss” chemical. Ananda, from the Sanskrit word referred to in yogic traditions meaning bliss, joy or happiness). All contribute to the ‘feel good’, happy feeling. They also support the adrenals and help increase focus and awareness. Phenylethylamine is created naturally and released in the brain when we are “In Love”. Tryptophan is the precursor to Serotonin; which influences moods and sleep. Neurotransmitters are electrochemical communicators to support the nervous and endocrine systems, along with emotional/mental balance. Phenylalanine forms norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and tyramine and is important for memory, alertness and learning. Also for pain, headaches, arthritic conditions. Cocoa is remarkably rich in Magnesium (highest in any food), which is good for muscles, bones, nervous system and brain chemistry, and it is a very helpful support for women during times of menstruation and cramping. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and alleviates stress.

Cocoa is also one of the highest plant sources of Iron, which is required for energy metabolism and oxygen carrying via haemoglobin in the blood. It is also a structural component of cytochromes in electron transport. Part of its enzyme and metabolic function is to assist in neurotransmitter synthesis, phagocyte antimicrobial activity, liver detoxification and synthesis of DNA, collagen and bile acids.

Cocoa is also very high in Sulphur, which is good for strong and healthy skin, hair and nails; a liver detoxifier, and supports healthy pancreas functioning. Some reports say that Cacao is so high in Sulphur that it also supports the detoxification of mercury. Cocoa has Calcium, which is alkalizing, helps with blood, nerve transmission, bones, and muscles. Regulates the heartbeat. Help enzyme systems to produce acetylcholine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Opposite of Magnesium, as it is contraction. Cocoa has Phosphorous, which is vital to energy production ATP, and it utilizes CHO and fats for energy production and protein synthesis, and production of nucleic acids in DNA/RNA to carry genetic coding for all cells. There is Lignin in Cocoa, which inhibits high blood pressure and cholesterol formation. This thins the blood and reduces platelet aggregation. Cocoa is low in fat, where as chocolate is higher in fat. It has a good balanced amount of EFA’s increase HDL decrease LDL. Cocoa contains Monoamine Oxidase Enzyme Inhibitors, which helps to minimize or balance appetite, and it also facilitates youthening and rejuvenation. It is also excellent for skin and hair.

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Tip 4: Discover the benefits of Camu Camu

Discover the benefits of Camu Camu for you and your baby!

Raw Organic Camu Camu Powder from Peru. The fruit contains powerful phytochemicals with health benefits, including the amino acids serine, valine, and leucine, and high amounts of Vitamin C second only to Gubinge.

“Camu Camu (Mycaria Dubia) is a bushy tree that grows in black water rivers, especially along abandoned watercourses known as cochas. Each year, the river floods, bringing nutrients to the soil and avoiding the depletion associated with typical farming methods; these are ecosystems of great social and economic importance to the Amazon jungle in Peru. Growing in these swampy areas, it takes years for the tree to become mature enough to bear fruit. The fruit of the tree is approximately 2 centimeters in diameter and has a purplish red skin with a yellow pulp.

Camu Camu is traditionally made into a juice by people of the rainforest to support the immune system, ward off viral infections, and help maintain optimal health, especially under conditions of stress and anxiety, which tend to deplete the immune system. It also contains bioflavonoids, the amino acids serine, valine, and leucine, plus considerable quantities of thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Camu Camu has been used by ancient cultures to help promote healthy gums, eyes, and skin and also support the functions of the brain (nervous system) and heart (circulatory system).

Our Camu Camu is 100% pure Certified Organic, and contains no manioc root powder. We’re happy to report that our Camu Camu is no longer spray dried, as Australian law now allows us to import 100% organic Camu Camu pulp, dehydrated at low temperatures. This results in a Vitamin C percentage of over 12%. What’s more, since our Camu Camu is a whole food in its full-spectrum natural form, your body can absorb the nutrients contained within much more effectively as compared to a synthetic supplement.” Loving Earth website

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Tip 5: Discover the benefits of probiotics for your pregnancy

Are you experiencing these symptoms? i.e. are you experiencing some of the more advanced signs that your intestinal bacterial balance is beginning to spin out of control?

PN SupaBoost Probiotic…such as: 

• Gas and bloating • Constipation and/or diarrhea

• Acid reflux • Skin problems

• Overall sickness

• Headaches

• Urinary tract infections

• Trouble sleeping

• An inability to lose weight

• Sugar cravings, especially for heavily refined carbs Unfortunately, due to lifestyle and environmental factors, the vast majority of the population is severely lacking when it comes to good probiotic bacteria, throwing their gut flora ratio completely out of whack, this is why we need to supplement with Probiotics, especially if we suffer from the conditions as mentioned above.

PN SupaBoost intestines

What makes PN SupaBoost Probiotics different? Our probiotics are delivered in a delayed release veggie capsule which has been shown to release only 20% of its content within the first 2 hours. This ensures that the probiotic strains are released in the gut while still alive and are able to colonize the gut wall. The intestinal flora is made up of many kinds of living bacteria that have a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the body. Probiotics have been linked with successful rebuilding of friendly gut flora and which are available in supplement form. Free from wheat, gluten, soy, animal products, corn, sugar, lactose, sodium, egg, nuts and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Each PN Supa capsule contains: 25 billion CFU’s Lactobacillus acidophilus …. 15 Billion CFU’s Lactobacillusrhamnosis ……. 5.5 Billion CFU’s Bifidobacteriumlactis ………. 4.5 Billion CFU’s

Various factors such as poor diet, alcohol intake, excessive stress and the use of certain medications may contribute to changes in the makeup of this ecosystem.

Such shifts iPN SupaBoost Probiotic picturen the balance of intestinal flora have long been considered to have significant health effects. Probiotics are involved in:

• Improving your digestion;

• Producing vitamins;

• Relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS);

• Detoxifying chemicals;

• Producing nutrients to repair the gut lining;

• Increasing resistance to infections and regulating the immune function;

• Preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Graham DuckDr Graham Duck

Health Practioner


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Tip 6: Discover the benefits of black tahini for your pregnancy

Discover the benefits of Black Tahini for you and your baby!

Black Tahini is a chocolate grey to black colour with a very similar taste to hulled white tahini. A favourite choice of sesame seed for many.

Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and calcium. A 1/4 cup serving provides: – 126 mg of magnesium, or 32% of the Recommended Daily Value (DV), and – 351 mg of calcium (35% of the DV). That is more nutritious than a cup of milk. Unhulled tahini offers more nutrients than hullled versions. The nutrients of sesame seeds are better absorbed if they are ground or pulverized before consumption, as in tahini – a delicious creamy paste from the traditional slow stonegrinding of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are exceptionally rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium (90 mg per tablespoon of unhulled seeds, 10 mg of hulled), and contain vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin E (tocopherol). They contain lignans, including unique content of sesamin, which are phytoestrogens with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Among edible oils from six plants, sesame oil had the highest antioxidant content. Sesame seeds also contain phytosterols associated with reduced levels of blood cholesterol.

Use: As a spread, eaten direct by the spoonful, or add to protein shakes, ice creams, desserts, baby foods, soups, dressings, sauces. Middle Eastern dishes or combine with honey.

Ingredients: Slow stoneground unhulled black sesame seeds.
May contain traces of other nuts and seeds.

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Tip 7: Tip Natural Wellbeing Tips to rebalance & rejuvenate your body after Childbirth

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, after a woman has a baby, it is very depleting for her body, because the body uses so much Qi (Energy), and losses lots of fluid through perspiration and blood during labour.
We recommend, for at least 1month after childbirth:
*Mother & Baby stay inside and rest a lot for the first month at least, and preferably have your mother or a woman come and stay and help look after you both.
*Important to keep warm, especially the abdomen and lower back area- improves circulation, and less chance of lower back, stomach, joint and period pain
*Its best to avoid cold beverages and foods, and eat more cooked foods
*Mother wears a girdle morning and night for 1month at least, to reduce the chance of possible prolapsed organs later in life
*Mother drinks daily “Fresh Fish stock” to support breast milk production naturally

*Mother drinks 1-2 small bowls daily of “Fresh chicken stock soup” to rejuvenate her Qi and Blood and energy

Chicken Stock Recipe:

1 Organic chicken – clear and dice

1/2 Spring onion chopped

1 piece of ginger

10 Chinese red dates

2 tbsp Goji berries

8 -10 cups of water

Boil the chicken and clear the top of soup. Add ginger and spring onions and let simmer for 3 hours (during cooking, if there is not enough water you can add more).

Then add chinese red dates and goji berries and simmer for another 30 minutes, and add salt for taste.


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