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“Health is the greatest gift.” Buddha

Do you have the gift of health? Are you as healthy as you can be? Do you want to protect yourself from becoming ill? If so…You have come to the right place!

Natalie’s Story…

I have been using these incredible products for myself and my family since Paradise Nutrients started. I have an auto immune condition that causes inflammation and scarring in my vital organs. I spent 8 years coughing until I found the minerals that are now available from Paradise Nutrients. They have completely saved my life.  My condition is in remission and I have abundant health and vitality now. I am a teacher and an app developer and if it wasn’t for using these products, as well as the non-toxic and safe household products, I would not be alive today.  I was even told I would never have children without IVF, but I was able to naturally conceive while using these minerals.

I now have two healthy little boys.  My eldest son plays competition sport and the minerals also assist my younger son with ASD to improve his gut.  Mind you, I have to disguise the minerals in some of their food! Both boys have great focus when they are on the minerals and the other nutritional products available.  

While on holidays in November 2012, my husband broke the bone in his shin. He was fishing and had to stand on his broken, bleeding leg for two hours before he could be airlifted to hospital.
While at a gold coast hospital, he was operated on, a pin was placed in his leg. Two weeks later he had a major infection in his leg and had to stay a month in hospital. He had a blood clot and the medication he was given for his infection resulted in kidney failure. After four operations, they removed part of his skin and created a skin graft.
I gave him the Immune Support and minerals and his graft took and the infection is now completely gone. He is walking again and finally out of a wheel chair. The doctors are amazed at his recovery and calling it the MIRACLE LEG. Thanks to Paradise Nutrients, these products has saved his life and leg.

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The majority of the nutritional products at Paradise Nutrients  have 74+ pure organic plant derived mineral enhancers added for human and animal consumption, as well as soil stimulators and plant food and boosters. PN’s products include a range of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Myrtle based home, personal care, pet and farm products. AMAZING Products that also fix and heal as it is so important to have a healthy immune system!

Paradise Nutrients definitely made a difference in my life and for many people that I have helped.

Best wishes on your journey to good health, Natalie

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About Paradise Nutrients

Paradise Nutrients is a Queensland based business located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, about one hour drive west of Brisbane, Australia.

The Lockyer Valley is known as the fourth most nutrient rich valley in the world. Graham Ellem, as a farmer in the early 1990s, was trying to manage a sheep and cattle property through a severe drought. As with all droughts there was heartache and desperation in trying to keep animals alive with just a little feed. It wasn’t until Graham introduced a range of plant based, colloidal clay and basalt minerals to the animals that he saw some positive signs in the animal’s health. As a result of this positive experience Graham dedicated himself to get involved to research and study mineral nutrition. After years of research, and experience in mineral nutrition, Graham found that he was able to rectify many nutrient imbalances that confront our society today. In recent years, by applying mineral nutrition to his own life, he has overcome some of his own health issues.

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As a professional practising Naturopath over the last 7 years I have both used and advised my patients to use Paradise Nutrients products as preventatives to many health issues. It was a Godsend when Paradise Nutrients released their immune support range. With products like MAL-X, PN IMMUNE SUPPORT, PN OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT and VEGGIE MINS I have been able to confidently advise my patients to take them as a preventatives to illness and assistance to those who suffer from chronic illness.

Among many of my patients who visited me I have seen the positive results of those suffering from viruses, bacterial infections, immune disorders and every day illnesses. In my practice I prefer to assist my clients with preventative nutrition and I have confidence in recommending Paradise Nutrients range of supplements and superfoods as I have proven the safety and efficacy of the products .

With many of my clients taking Paradise Nutrients products I have clinically observed the following:-

  • Little or no effect from influenza. If any one taking PN immune support products becomes infected by viruses or flu like symptoms including chest infections they recover much quicker.
  • Positive results with symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Positive results from Ross river fever.
  • Positive results of those suffering from HIV.
  • Herpes simplex and other including candida.
  • Positive recovery of fatigue as a result of immune deficiency.
  • Positive results with nutrients deficiency.
  • Positive results prostate disorders

Many of my clients travel over seas and have reported back to me that they had mixed with clients and people with flu like symptoms and believe that as a result of taking Paradise Nutrients products had not been infected with the symptoms they observed in others.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paradises Nutrients minerals, supplements and superfoods as immune support and preventative nutrition. I wish the company all the best in their quest in developing and proving quality and pure products our general wellbeing.

Graham Duck

Dr. Graham Duck

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About Some of the Incredible Products



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PN-MATe  is a ‘must have’ in my medicine cabinet. This product has prevented me from catching the flu/virus numerous times over the years, especially when we’ve been around people who are obviously sick. To prevent getting sick, we start taking 6 caps a day for a few days and reduce to 2 a day for the next few days. If we do develop a sore throat or feel unwell, we start with 8 caps a day! Works for me every time…I just don’t like getting sick!…. Natalie

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Product Testimonials

Paradise Nutrients Member, Noela


As a mother and now a grandmother, good nutrition and avoiding using toxic products, has always been my ‘Number 1’ priority to prevent illness. I am very grateful that a good friend of mine told me about the Paradise Nutrient’s (PN) range of healthy and safe products many years ago. Since then, my husband and I have been using PN’s nutritional, personal care and household products

on a daily basis. It is reassuring to know how much our overall health and energy levels have improved since consuming just a few nutritional products each day. i.e. PN Veggie Mins, Sustain 800 and Joint Support. Although we always have a bottle of Mal-X in our medicine cabinet as a back-up and in case we are around sick people, as we have proven that Mal-X has prevented us from getting sick numerous times! It is also very convenient to be able to purchase other extra products, if needed, plus safe and non-toxic products for the laundry, garden etc. which are so safe for the environment, from just one Company, that I just can’t recommend highly enough!

Paradise Nutrients Member, Lyn

I cannot believe its been only 3 months tomorrow since Luke first started on PN Minerals.

He has grown at least a hand and a half, put on 500 kgs min and is now wowing the judges and people in the show ring.

Last Tuesday he stepped into McLean NSW showground and won Champion Appaloosa stallion or colt and Best Yearling Exhibit All Breeds.

On Friday he went to Grafton Show and won Champion Appaloosa Exhibit, Best Presented Horse or pony and again Best Yearling Exhibit All Breeds.

I cannot praise PN enough for saving the life of this beautiful colt as I honestly thought he would die as nothing we gave him stopped his chronic scouring from the age of 3 months old.

This colt is only 1 of 2 colts outside the USA by 9 times World and National ApHC Champion Hunt Seat horse MR COOL HAND LUKE.

Luke is the first to win out here the other being only a weanling.

Photos show Luke, the day he started on PN, and the other with his recent ribbons and garland.

PN Horse

Paradise Nutrients Member, Qld

“Thank you PN for taking away years of uncomfortable symptoms of reflux. One bottle of PN Supaboost and I’ve been back freedom and control to be a dignified and respectful dinner companion!”

Paradise Nutrients Member, DLN Australia

“At the beginning of the year I was having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and my movement was very limited. I saw the doctor and he thought it was calcification because it clicked a lot. He told me I wold have to have a steroid injection. He sent me for an ultrasound. The doctors have told me I had no tears in the muscle or tendon. He said it is known as a frozen shoulder and I would be seeing him in a week or two for a steroid injection. He said it won’t get better but progressively worse without it.

I had heard about apple cider vinegar a few times previously, but had dismissed it because I didn’t believe rubbing vinegar or a sore spot could help, but I was getting desperate because my shoulder was interfering with my love of sewing. So I tried it. I was taking a teaspoon night and morning and rubbing it into my shoulder as well and taking Mal-X and Veggie Mins also.

Within two days the pain was almost gone. Within a week I had full movement. To say I was sceptical before is an understatement but now I am a firm believer of the power of Apple Cider Vinegar and Minerals.”

Paradise Nutrients Member, Nathan QLD

Tea Tree Paradise Spray on puppy with bad eyes from mosquito bites.

PN Puppy

This puppy had been outside exposed to mosquitos. After developing an infection in the eyes we found him with the bunged up eye on Sunday morning. 12/11/2017 8am.

After finding her we treated her with a solution made from Paradise Nutrients Tea Tree Paradise Spray. We mixed the solution in the bottle with water at 1 part paradise spray and 4 part water and bathed her eye with the solution on a tissue. When we had the eye open we put one drop of the solution in the eye and the below results were outstanding after just one hour 12/11/2017 9am

The result after 24 hours thank you paradise Nutrients. 13/11/2017 8am.

The cost of the PN Paradise Spray was $14.50 and a vet visit would have cost hundredsA very happy PN customer and a very Happy Puppy!

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