Many people say that having anything in abundance has no benefit, many would even go onto say that have things in abundance may even be harmful to many. Moodzie, however believes that abundance matters, and it can matter in the positive sense. As, of course there are many people once they have a large amount of wealth they may begin to change or grow into a different person, which a lot of the times can have a negative outcome. On the other end, there are many people who once they possess an abundant amount of wealth, they also change but do so in a positive manner, primarily by helping out others, lending a hand to those in need, whether it be close family or friends, or charity, these are the people who make a positive difference within society.

Therefore, abundance certainly matters, now the only real question is whether you choose to make it positive or negative. Thus, Moodzie believes, that people should chase abundance whether it be of wealth, time, or health, as if you truly have an abundance of these things than you have no worry. Hence you can focus your time and efforts elsewhere and help out others. Moodzie’s tips to help people having anything in abundance whether it be wealth or health would be firstly to organize and manage yourself. As if you wish to have an abundant amount of money, you will need to of course work hard, however also manage your time efficiently, as time is always of the essence, and that is something you cannot waste.

Thus, go out there, make a schedule, set specific times for specific activities, try to do things that may benefit your line of work, become more social and meet with people, who may help you in your line of work, and certainly become more creative, as you have to be open to new ideas, and hopefully be one of the pioneers for a new ideology. If you wish to have great health, cause health certainly matters, go out there and manage your diet, fix the issues with it, whether you are eating the wrong types of foods, not eating the right kind of foods, not drinking enough water, or not exercising, go out there and manage these things, as they will certainly help improve your overall health. For managing your wealth other things, you may do, are such as spending wisely either by shopping at places with sales, wholesale stores, looking for discounts, this in the long-run will save you tons of money, also go out there and maybe look for coupons of sorts, as it takes more effort, however in the long-run it will save you tons.

Moodzie believes that abundance matters! With abundance you can do more to help others.  Here are some ways to increase your abundance:

Tip 1: Manage you budget


Are you finding it difficult to manage your budget? Do you need help with budgeting?…and money tips for women! This is a great site to visit to help you improve your finances:

Examine your attitude! Consider budgeting as a reward system, not a deprivation system. Try to always save 10% of what you earn, regardless of how much you earn!….then put the rest aside for expenses and for enjoyment!

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Tip 2: Receive discounts (cash back) when you shop!

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Tip 4: Rich dad or poor dad? You can choose!

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Tip 4: Thoughts become things so make them good!

TUT is a great website that can help you put the law of attraction into practice. Mike Dooley believes that everyone’s special, that every life is meaningful, and that we’re all here to learn that dreams do come true! Sign up for free to receive notes from the universe. These emails help you to stay on track.

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Tip 5: You can elevate your wealth by increasing your vibration!

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Tip 6: It is not a secret anymore!

The Book and DVD the SECRET by Rhonda Byrne has amazing strategies to attract great things into your life.

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