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Moodzie loves to sleep, as after Moodzie gets a solid 8 hours of sleep Moodzie feels refreshed, active, and just ready to go out there and enjoy what the world has to offer. Moodzie believes getting an adequate amount of sleep is integral to one’s daily functioning, as not getting enough sleep may indicate drowsiness, loss of certain functions, laziness, being less productive, overeating, and being less active, all things most people aim to avoid. How much sleep one needs depends and varies really from person to person, several factors such as age, gender, activity level, and genetics all contribute to how much sleep a person requires, as some people are heavy and deep sleepers, whereas others are light sleepers.

Moodzie believes based on most studies that young children or babies require the most sleep, sleeping up to a total of 20 hours a day, then young children require usually around 12 hours or so of sleep, kids around 8-12 should be sleeping around 10-11 hours a night, teenagers should aim to get 9-10 hours of sleep, adults from age 21-60 should aim to get a total of 7-9 hours of sleep, and older adults would require around 6-8 hours of sleep on average. Based on studies these are all average ranges based on age, certain people may even require more sleep, however most people based on their age would fall into the listed categories. Getting enough sleep is a struggle many people go through, as most adults do not get their ideal amount of sleep on a daily basis, as many persist to sleep late, and have to wake up early due to work or school.

Moodzie believes this can be a very unhealthy and harmful habit, as consistently not getting enough sleep surely damages your health and productivity. Moodzie believes if one aims to get enough sleep but is struggling with the process, then try doing things such as having a bedtime routine maybe to get yourself in the zone for sleeping, take a warm bath, or calm yourself with a massage before you go to bed, and make sure you turn off all electronics at least 2 hours before going to bed. As having such a bedtime routine can help calm you down, relax you, and get you in the zone for going to sleep, if you make it a consistent habit you will consistently be going to bed on the same time every day. The next part is waking up, and waking up on time is easy if you sleep early, thus Moodzie believes one should avoid artificial alarm clocks, and aim to sleep early and wake up naturally. Maybe on the weekend sleep on time, and wake up with no alarm, when you wake up naturally without an alarm that is the actual amount of sleep your body requires, Thus Moodzie loves to sleep and so should you.


Overall, It is very important to get a good nights sleep to help with your heath, mood and wellbeing. Moodzie has some tips for parents to help you to sleep well.

  • Remove caffeine
  • Set an individualized bedtime.
  • Set a wake-up time. …
  • Have a consistent bedtime routine. …
  • Turn off the TV, computer or ipad at least two hours before bedtime. …
  • Reduce stress before bedtime. …
  • Create a sleep-inducing environment. …
  • Keep it cool.
  • Have a warm bath
  • Massage your children with essential oils to calm them

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We all need sleep. Without it, our health, mood, and everyday functioning are significantly affected. Sleep deficiency has also been associated with an increased risk of injury in adults, teens, and children. For children, adequate sleep is especially important. They require more sleep early in life when they are growing and developing.

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