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Moodzie like most people loves to go out in the sun, especially in the warm summer months, going to places like the beach is one of Moodzie’s favorite things to do. Nonetheless Moodzie realizes that going out in the sun as fun as it is, one must also be responsible and take proper precautions to be sun safe. Being out in the sunny weather for long and extended periods of time can be very dangerous and damaging to one’s skin, many people are super sensitive to the sun, and if you are one of these people make sure you are taking proper precautions to be sun safe. Moodzie will share some tips on what one can do to be sun safe, while enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

Firstly, Moodzie would like to state that one should avoid staying out in the sunny weather for extended periods of time, if one really wishes to remain in the great weather, then maybe after a little while grab some shade, as staying the in sun for too long regardless of precautions can still damage your skin.

Next tip by Moodzie would be to wear something like a hat, a hat that specifically protects you from the sun, as a hat for many people can be a brilliant tool if they wish to enjoy the sunny weather, and be sun safe at the same time. Other things like sunglasses do not protect your skin, however they do help your vision and put less stress on your eyes when the sun is at its brightest, thus for those who love to be out in the sun, wear a hat and some sunglasses, if you plan on being out for extended periods of time.

Next tip, would be to apply some sort of sun block, as depending on how bright it is outside, apply the sun block with the most adequate amount of block, it will vary on which one you exactly use, depending on how bright is the sun, and also on how sensitive is your skin.

Last tip by Moodzie would be to wear proper and protective clothing, as many people wear clothes that do not cover them at all properly during the sunny weather, however wearing protective clothing helps out greatly especially if your skin is sensitive to the sun, make sure you cover up any areas that are extra sensitive or more prone to the sun’s brightness. Thus, even though Moodzie loves the sun, as many others do as well, Moodzie believes one must still take precautions and cover up properly in order to be sun safe.

Moodzie loves to be sun safe so he can remain healthy. There are many ways to reduce the risk.

  1. Wear a hat
  2. Use sunscreen
  3. Wear a hat and protective clothing
  4. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes

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