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Being artistic is something many people aspire to be, as people with artistic minds and habits are typically quite well respected, and sought as great thinkers. People such as Van Gogh are respected throughout history, cultures such as of the French are respected for this artistic and great architecture and fashion, and people who think outside the box are many times given the highest regard.

Moodzie will share some of his own tips, to help people become more artistic, or if they already are artistic, maybe help to show it better. Moodzie believes, that art in a very strong sense is all about creativity, as if you cannot think outside the box and be creative, it will certainly be a struggle for you to be deemed as artistic. As even well-known artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh, were some of the greatest artists ever, however they certainly thought outside the box for their time. As for most of their lives, their art was never well respected, primarily because they surely were thinking outside the social norms for their respective times. Nonetheless, after their death, their respective pieces of work are regarded as national treasures now, and they are considered some of the greatest artists ever.

To be a great artist hence creativity, or thinking outside traditional norms, Moodzie believes is a must. Moodzie also believes, to be artistic one has to leave the idea of “perfect” outside of their mind, as in art nothing is really perfect, and attempting to draw or paint that perfect picture can be a very tough and daunting, as it does not exist. In terms of habits, many artists think too much about their art or work as stressful, Moodzie believes to leave the stress out of the mind, one has to enjoy their craft, as something they are not doing for financial need, but rather because it is fun.

On the other end, an artist’s worst critic is usually himself, as Moodzie believes, the inner-critic of an artist can certainly be helpful, as a true artist knows what they have to improve in in terms of their work, however one must not have obsessive or dangerously critical habits at the same time.

Finally, an important tip by Moodzie to help your artistic mind and habits, would be to find your mantra, basically find something works well for you, and keep on doing it, as it can be very tough for an artist to find that one thing that works for them, in terms of time management, material, or habits, if an artist establishes a ritual and it works for them, they should stick to it, rather than modify it. In overall aspects, art has been loved throughout history, both artistic minds and habits are prevalent with many great individuals past and present, thinking outside the box, being artistic can not only help the artist but also the average joe. As once you think artistically, you are thinking outside the box, hence it can help you be more creative, passionate, and change your mood, as now you have a very unique and special feeling to yourself, you have a craft you enjoy, you are happy, and you have become more creative.

Moodzie just loves to be artistic. Below are tips that can help with your mood and inspire you:

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