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How It All Began!

I began creating the mood toolbox over  years ago after  my son Ben was diagnosed with ASD. My goal by the end of  2017,  was to complete this Mood Toolbox app, to help children with regulating their emotions. It took a lot longer than expected as another Special Education teaching job came my way without even applying for it. So I worked 4 days a week and spent one day a week developing my app. By the end of the year, I was getting exhausted so I stopped for a while.

During that time, Ben was melting down quite a lot and would not try any strategies I suggested. In addition, he got suspended from school for throwing a chair in the classroom.

After, a few days off school,  I asked a calm and sad Ben to help me to finally finish this app. He assisted with doing the voice overs for the stories included. Some are quite authentic as he was very angry having to repeat them over and over!

He did an awesome job and then started trying the app and suggesting different games that I have now included.

I noticed his behaviour was improving and he was much happier in himself. He also had a lot more strategies to assist him in his own personal toolbox for emotional regulation.

Today Ben  went to his yearly check up at the hospital and the doctor was amazed with his progress.

So I am delighted to introduce to the world, Mood Toolbox: Play learn Chill. May this free to download app, help children worldwide.

If you know someone that this will help, such as a child, parent or practitioner please SHARE to make a difference in their lives, just like it has for my son Ben.

Natalie Clarke

12th April 2018

Mood Toolbox Program

Mood Toolbox: Strategies To Empower Children

Mood toolbox is a practical intervention for parents, teachers and counselors that will positively support children with learning how to effectively regulate their moods and emotions.

This program was developed by Natalie Clarke (Special Ed Teacher) with the assistance from her friend, a behaviour specialist (40 years experience) to help Natalie’s son with ASD. The intervention assists Ben in understanding his own emotions and has empowered him to select strategies from the toolbox to use when needed. He has become more independent in his choices of how he regulates his emotions.

Natalie has three degrees, including a Masters in Special Education and over 30 years experience teaching in Public, State and Autistic Schools. Over the years, Natalie has assisted many children in learning how to regulate their own emotions.

Mood toolbox is a practical approach and can be used individually or in the whole class environment. It is especially helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Social Emotional Disorder (SED).

A fun character affectionately called Moodzie helps to encourage children to recognize their own moods. Each Moodzie has a color that represents different moods, such as red for anger, blue for sadness etc.

Learning to navigate the emotional roads of children can be challenging, but for the impacted children, discerning and working through their own moods can be even more trying. Some children may not know how to communicate their feelings, but with the Mood Tool Box, their moods can be explored through Moodzie’s various adventure stories and other support materials.

MOOD TOOLBOX APP… Play…Learn…Chill

Do you know a child that is moody and needs help with regulating their emotions? Mood Tool Box provides games and tips for emotional intelligence. Created by a mom of son with ASD and Special Education teacher with over 30 years experience, this app particularly helps parents, teachers and practitioners to manage moods in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Aspergers and Special Needs.

MOOD TOOLBOX has the following features:

*FUN CHARACTER affectionately called Moodzies in this mood app helps to encourage children to recognize their own moods. Each Moodzie has a color that represents different moods, such as anger, sadness etc.

*LEARN ABOUT STRATEGIES FOR MOOD MANAGEMENT- Moodzie can change moods and in this mood app, children can learn techniques to help understand and balance their moods in a healthy way to find happiness again. BASED on strategies that were utilised by the designer to help her son Ben with emotional regulation and students taught in Elementary, Middle schools and Special Schools. There is also the opportunity to unlock the Mood Tool Box program with a printable posters.

*SOCIAL STORIES that show children visually how Moodzie can emotionally regulate. There are three Moodzie Adventure Stories included: Moodzie Chooses Happy, Moodzie Gets Agro and Moodzie Blues.

*INCLUDES GAMES that help focus the mind on something different, allowing the child to become calm enough to think about his or her moods through the various strategies included.

*ACHIEVEMENTS LIST encourages children to succeed by rewarding them with the unlocking the opportunity for additional games and other features once they have achieved their goals by working with the mood app.

*MOOD TRACKING- Unlike most apps for emotional intelligence, this app allows you to track – the different moods your child or student may be feeling on a daily basis so you can take note of what strategies worked. It’s also an excellent choice of ADHD tools for children with ADHD and similar challenges.

This App can be used at home, at school or during services such as speech therapy to help children learn to communicate their emotions. Download Mood Toolbox, the free app with in-app purchases and introduce your child or your student to emotional intelligence today!

Additional Features:
* Mood themed App with vivid, beautiful graphics and posters available
* Customise your Moodzie, balls, sky and path with one simple in-app purchase
* Simple tap-to-play interface allows children to begin calming right away
* Add music to the game by choosing from a selection of tracks that aim at calming the child
* Compatible with Facebook, Twitter and World Leaderboards to post scores
* Teaches tips about emotional regulation and intelligence in a fun, engaging way
* Developed by a mom of a child with ASD and a Special Education Teacher with over 30 years experience

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Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt thanks to the inscredible people who assisted with this app and book. I am especially grateful to all the amazing children over the years that have suggested strategies and games to include.