The skill of manifesting is powerful when you focus your thoughts, intentions, affirmations, wishes or prayers with positive action and gratitude. This is the perfect app for you ask for assistance from the Universe. Amazing things can happen in all areas of your life when you ask.

Find Abundance? Achieve success? Overcome an obstacle that is standing in the way of your happiness?

My Manifesting Jar is just the place to manifest your heart’s desires in many focus areas of your life.

Using this mobile app is easy. Simply concentrate intensely on your prayer, intention, affirmation or wish and tap the beautiful energy jar. Tap the paper on the table to write your message. The folded paper will materialise on the table for you to flick it into the jar. Each special jar has a particular focus area in which you can receive assistance from the Universe. Make sure to let go of the outcome (how it will happen) and focus on staying positive in your daily life. Pay special attention to the signs and guidance that comes your way. For example, feathers, coins and repeated patterns of numbers, animals and messages will appear. Check the tips for additional strategies to assist you with gaining additional clarity.

When you have received what you asked for, tap the jar to find the original message and trash it. You then can write a new message of gratitude. You can take a screenshot of your message using your device’s buttons and share it with social media.The skill of manifesting is powerful when you focus your thoughts, intentions, affirmations, wishes or prayers with positive action and gratitude.

Just as the alchemist has the ability to transform ordinary metal into precious gold, My Manifesting Jar app can truly transform your life. The uplifting assistance from the Universe can put you into a positive frame of mind so that you can attract more positivity and blessings using the power of the Law of Attraction.

My Manifesting Jar is a mystifying and essential app that will allow you to look at the Universe in a whole new way. Experience its transformative powers for yourself! Download the app today!

App features:

*Ask the assistance of the Universe for your prayers, intentions, affirmations or wishes.
*Place your message into a focus jar to be delivered to the Universe while enjoying beautiful music and graphics.
*Revisit your messages in the jar to change them to ones of gratitude when they have been manifested.
*Unlock more wisdom from the Universe through one simple, affordable in-app purchase.
*Improve your life with strategies in manifesting and the Law of Attraction.
* Learn more about Moodzie by downloading the free book from our website.
*Twitter and Facebook integration for sharing wisdom with friends and family and a special Facebook group
*Music from Mark Watson (Earth Angel Music), a friend of Doreen Virtue.

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