There are so many meaning for the word “manifest” that we would need several pages to elaborate. Therefore, simply put it means “to show plainly.” Mike Dooley says it best when we states” Thoughts become things – choose the good ones. It backs the viewpoint of what you think about you bring about. We appreciate that it’s tricky for some to accept but there’s too much “stuff” out there showing us that things are happening. We have the ability to physically bring things into our reality through intentional thought.

Therefore, in this section we present a series of Apps, Sticker Packs, Books, Angelic Jewellery & Gift Store to assist you in manifesting the life of your dreams into your reality.


These apps will help you to call in angelic assistance and make a difference in your life.

iMessage Sticker Packs

Want to inspire others and give them a gift? These sticker packs for iMessage will help you to make a difference for someone you care about.

Wear this exquisite Jewellery that will make a difference and call in the Angel of your choice for assistance – check out our collections below:

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