Social skills are often overlooked when teachers and parents start planning their education for their children. The emphasis is often placed on math, reading and test taking and less on how children interact with each other. Moodzie actually believes that as a matter of fact, social skills are thought to be an inherent skill that children will naturally learn, like learning to walk, or learning to talk. However, that does not mean that social skills cannot be changed or children suffering from SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) cannot be helped. Teaching social skills is extremely important in the growth and development of young children. As when a child is incapable or has difficulty making the connection? With children who may not have the best social skills, or reactive sensory. SPD is a relatively unknown and often invisible disorder that currently has no official medical diagnosis. But it is a real and constant struggle for the estimated 5 percent of children — and their families — affected by it. And it manifests itself differently in every individual. Some children can’t process messages from their joints or muscles and constantly bump into their classmates.

Some kids get distracted by clothing that feels like sandpaper, while others seek out stimuli in order to feel calm. Tantrums, withdrawal, poor academics, battered self-esteem — these are the all-too common fallouts.

First tip by Moodzie would be to, rather than blaming others around you, focus on what yourself one can do to improve oneself, by identifying the potential problems that may exist, regarding one’s sensory or social skills. Once we can identify the problem, a tip by Moodzie would be to create a structure that may help solve the problem, think of things that can potentially, if they do not work, think of other possible things. Something we can do in order to battle things like SPD would be to firstly address and admit it, than we can do things such as reduce/eliminate the potential SPD triggers, and calm the anxiety/SPD in that manner if possible, do not become overly strict, maintain things such as a healthy diet or solid sleep schedule, as these things can surely help those suffering with SPD problems. Talk to others around you, and be more active, play team sports, this will make the person more social and help kill social anxiety to the most degree.

People who may wish to improve their SPD, a lot of the times feel they may have a tougher time associating with others, one thing we can do to improve this, is to imagine ourselves in the role of the other person (s), either by roleplaying or acting out, or simply just imagining the situation, as a lot of the times, we simply cannot imagine it, hence role-playing may help out, this will help build up ones social interaction skills, and improve our understanding of the people around us. These are some tips Moodzie would give to someone aiming to improve their SPD.

Moodzie believes that sensory strategies can assist with chilling out. Here are some awesome tips:

Tip 1: There a a lot of sensory calming ideas related to children that may have differences/sensitivities to sensory information.

This site has great strategies for each sensory system (touch, sound, vision, etc). Some may be directed to children with sensory processing differences however, these are also great strategies for all kids!

Lauren O’Sullivan
Occupational Therapist

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10 Calming Sensory Strategies for School – The Inspired Treehouse

Try some of these powerful calming sensory strategies to help kids remain focused, engaged, and content in the classroom! *This post was sponsored by Chewigem USA. All opinions and text are ours. The back-to-school season can be filled with excitement and high hopes for a fresh new start

Tip 2: Sensory activities can promote calmness and focus

Tip by Natale Clarke

When working with students that had ASD, the following strategies helped to calm and focus:

(1) Water play

(2) Squeeze toys

(3) Blowing bubbles and bubble art

(4) Art and painting

(5) Putty, dough and sand

(6) Weighted blankets and products

(7) Fidget tools and toys

(8) Kinetic sand

(9) Sensory books and keyrings for touch

(10) Chalk drawing on boards and cement

(11) Chewing gum and food

(12) Weighted and Pressure Products

(13) Music

(14) Ear muffs for children with challenges with noise

(15) Timers

(16) Tents and timeout rooms

(17) Rewards and incentives

(18) Cushions, blankets and special seating

(19) Rockers

10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism |

Give kids who are autistic activities that stimulate attention, foster calm, and create loads of fun! Here are 10 great autism activities.

Benefits of Massage for Children with Autism | by Tina Allen

For children with Autism, massage may provide relaxation, stress reduction, calm muscle spasms and decreased issues with sleeping.

autism treatment for children

​QST massage is a proven autism treatment for children that improves behavior, social & language skills and reduces sensory symptoms. Autism recovery is possible within 2 yrs. Resources for parents and professionals.

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Calm & Focus Sensory Activities & Toys | Autism & Special Needs Calming Therapy Tools

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Children and Massage || Massage Therapy Articles

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring 2003. Copyright 2003. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved. Every child, no matter the age, should be massaged at bedtime on a regular basis.” So says Tiffany Field, Ph.D., of the Touch Research Institute (TRI) in Miami, Fla.

Tip 3: Essential oils can have a great calming effect for children

(a)Take a slow approach for essential oils

Start by just being in the room, then touch the hand & slowly build on this to gain their confidence. Hand & or foot reflexology/ massage combined with oils is such a great benefit & defuser in the room with oil in some pre-blends are great, but also as an aromatherapist, it is sometimes trial & error for the specific need of the person.

Julie Turner

(b) Essential oils can benefit or physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Tip by Kym Gilleard
They can be used to assist with preventative health such as using clove, cinnamon, oregano, or Frankinsense to help our bodies immune systems and the can be used to assist our emotional wellbeing such as using lavender or cedarwood for when we need a little more calm or relaxing before going to sleep, or wild orange or basil to help give us a sense of vibrancy. Combinations of oils can also be used to bring about balance such as those used in Aromotouch Techinque. Using the following essential oils and essential oil blends in a specific sequence through the use of simple strokes, the essential oils are absorbed by the body to bring balance to the body and mind.
• Balance (Grounding blend)
• Lavender
• OnGuard (Protective Blend)
• Melaluca (Tea Tree oil)
• Aromatouch (Massage Blend)
• Ice Blue (Soothing blend)
• Peppermint
• Wild Orange
The oils are used in sets of two to relax and calm, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and bring about a sense of abundance and joy. When using essential oils, it is important to ensure that they are pure. DoTerra essential oils are third party CTPG tested to ensure the purity and consistency of the each essential oil. Use of essential oils in every day life can assist in all the moods we can experience in a day through when we need a little encouragement (peppermint, basil, Melissa, Coriander), when we need to forgive (Spruce, Bergamot, Myrrh, Juniper Berry), when we need to concentrate (lime, ylang ylang, Frankincense, Patchouli), or when we are just feeling flat (wild orange, lemon myrtle, vanilla, clove)to when we need to unwind. Mother nature provides us with many different options depending on who we are and the smells we like.

(c) The following pure essential oils have a calming effect and can be used in the following ways:

Great tips from Julia Lynne Dizmang, Lisle Pryor, Julie Turner, Valentina Rentsch, Kerelyn Mahoney, Annette Smith, Caro Jonette Smit


Peppermint, Rose, Oregano, Mandarin, in particular, is great for mood lifting.

Lavender in small doses for calming.


(1) A drop of essential oil in a diffuser

(2) A drop in bath water

(3) A Raindrop massage or gently massage

(4) Reflexology with essential oils

(e) A drop of oil in a bottle of spray water

(f) A drop of oil on a pillow or soft toy

(g) Put it in the rinse water when washing sheets.

(h) Place in bucket when mopping floor

Young Living Raindrop Technique®

Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. The technique, developed by Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony-physically, mentally, and emotionally.

(d) Balance the body and emotions with a face and body spray of essential oils

When the body is overloaded with toxins and is not able to cleanse properly, the Endocrine system is not able to maintain good electrical balance throughout the physical body. Emotions then play a big part in how one feels. By incorporating the frequency and vibration of specific essential oils, sprays create the frequency for every cell to be enhanced, bringing balance and harmony to the body and emotions.

Lisle Pryor

Loving Light Essences –

I have created a range of loving light essences that have been programmed to hold information specifically dealing with all types of challenges just as I would working with the power of thought to upgrade your consciousness. They have many aspects of the Earth Vibrations (Mineral, Animal and Plant Kingdom) incorporated with spiritual techniques and the Read More …

Essential Oils | Young Living Essential Oils | Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils, World Leader in cultivation, distillation and production of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil products.

Tip 4: Massage can be very beneficial for children

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Stimulates Cognitive Development
  • Stimulates Motor Development


  • Medical consultation is needed before massage is given to children with critical and chronic medical conditions.
  • Massage should be avoided with children who have any swelling, fever, open sores, active diabetes, acute infection, and/or staph infections.

Massage your child | Step by Step Guide | by Tina Allen | Liddle Kidz™

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Massage for children offers a variety of health benefits. It is human nature to touch as a way of showing love and affection. This touch stimulates the body in positive ways to help it grow and develop. Massage is beneficial at any age but because children are still developing it can be especially helpful for them.

Massage For Children & Youth

Massage/Touch provides an opportunity for increased bonding and attachment between parent and child. Learn more about this therapy and how it can help children and youth.

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