Congratulations on your pregnancy! Like all moms-to-be, you’re certainly wondering whether you’re in store for the birth of a baby boy or baby girl. How can you possibly wait until for that week 20 ultrasound to find out? Boy or Girl Predictor is an app that will give you a sneak peek at your baby’s gender!

Before the days of ultrasounds, expectant mothers used various techniques to predict the gender of their babies before birth. With Boy or Girl Predictor, you can put 25 of the most well-known traditional methods of determining the sex of a baby to the test! This app guides you through each method step by step and then calculates the probability of having a baby boy or a baby girl using the results that you input. While the app only gives you a best guess answer, it’s sure to be plenty of fun trying out all the methods of guessing a baby’s gender!

Available to play on the Apple watch, iPad and smartphone, Boy or Girl Predictor is a great, activity for baby showers and other pre-baby celebrations and is fun and easy for people of all ages to play. Answer all the questions to earn achievements and share your scores with your friends with just a click.

Product Features:

– Explore 25 traditional methods for predicting the gender of a baby

– Compile the results of your tests and find out the likelihood that you’re having a boy or a girl

– Share your scores and see how you compare to friends and other moms-to-be

– Great alternative to pen and paper games for baby showers

– Optimized for iPad, Apple Watch and iPhones

– Integrated with Facebook for sharing scores with friends

– Visit our website for additional materials to play at your baby shower

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