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The gift of giving is one that cannot be understated, as many people live life without being receiving the kindness they deserve. Moodzie will share some benefits when one is kind to others, and how not only it may impact the recipient’s life positively but also the person that gives. Being kind to others not only impacts your life in the sense that your relationships with others improve, but it also happens to be great for your health. As since Moodzie is made the decision to be kind to others, Moodzie feels much better. Being kind to others, helps reduce stress, reproduces good hormones, is good for your heart, and reduces anxiety, as these benefits of kindness will help you not only live a happier but also a longer and healthier life.

Futhermore, since Moodzie has become kind to others, Moodzie’s relationships with those around him have improved drastically, as now Moodzie’s friends want to talk to him more often, and enjoy spending time with Moodzie. More benefits of being kind, include an increase in self-esteem, and that goes for both the person showing kindness, and the one recipient, as when you are kind to others, you feel better about yourself, others like you more, and your relationships with those around you improves. Showing kindness to someone else can improve their self-esteem as they might be having a down day, however simply being kind with them, can improve their day and mood so much.

The gift of giving to others, really is an action that emphasizes the attribute of kindness, as when we give others those we care about gifts we are showing to them we care about them. Of course, those who receive the gifts feel much better, as they feel like someone truly cares for them, and even when you give someone else a gift you will feel a lot better. Nonetheless more interestingly so, studies emphasize how the giving to others, also makes the giver feel much better about themselves, as studies emphasize how giving to others, can help you feel happier than if you were to spend on yourself.

Giving to others promotes social cooperation, and more so living within a family-like circle, it helps everyone feel much more connected, and improves everyone’s relationships within society. As Moodzie realizes everyone loves gratitude, and when one gives or receives a gift, they mainly are emphasizing on the art of gratitude. To conclude Moodzie would emphasize, that everyone should aim to be more kind to others, if they can maybe give someone you care about a gift, it can be something small, it really does not matter, it is not really about the material gift but more so about the act. As the gift of giving, and act of kindness makes everyone feel much better, and really just makes the world a better place to live in.

Moodzie just loves the gift of giving. Here are awesome stories and tips about the magic of giving.

Tip 1: Inspirational Story-The Gift of Sight

My 68 year old father never expected an act of kindness would have impacted his life so profoundly 49 years later……..

It was the year of 1965. Victor was a teenager in the 11th grade at a large secondary school. He was walking into the bathroom one day to find two aggressive boys bullying a much smaller boy.  This young Polish boy was Victor’s class mate who shared the same desk with him.

My father, who was quite large for his age, stepped between the bullying boys and the smaller boy and stopped the assault. He told them he was his friend and not to ever touch him again. Because Victor and his Russian parents had come to Australia from China when he was only 7 years old, he understood what this boy was going through by being considered different and not being accepted by others.

Forward to the year 2012. Dad,  a Type 1 Diabetic, discovered that he was getting Macular Degeneration in the right eye. He had witnessed the grief of his own mother suffering from this condition and who is now classed as legally blind.  Fortunately, Dad’s condition was detected early and he discovered his condition could be treated with injections. As a result, he was referred to a top Ophthalmologist in the field to hopefully treat the condition before he became blind in one eye. When my Dad first visited the Ophthalmologist, he was very surprised to find out that this doctor was the small boy who he had helped 49 years previously. My father did not recognise the doctor, but the doctor certainly remembered my father. In fact he was so grateful, he has given my father expensive treatment for free to demonstrate his gratitude. The treatment has been successful and has improved my Dad’s vision. Little did my father know that his actions many years ago has given him back a most precious gift.

The results of our kindness may not ever be witnessed or maybe it will be many years later like my father. We may not even remember what we have given to another person, however, that gift could impact so profoundly on their life to improve or change it. Just like the young boy who became a doctor regardless of being bullied and who is now giving his many patients the gift of sight. My father is so grateful that he was one of them.

Natalie Clarke
Brisbane, Qld. Australia

Motivational Stories About Giving | Inspirational Stories

Maybe that man was just a homeless stranger, but to me he was more than that. Maybe he was sent by the Highest Loving Power personally to me, to open my eyes, to show me that there is one thing, among all other values and achievements, which is very important and irreplaceable for each and every person.

8 Gifts of Giving Back

I n light of the recent and senseless tragedy in Las Vegas at the Route 91 concert, we must consider why giving back is so important. The greatest gift being an entrepreneur provides us, is the ability and resources to help.

Tip 2: Inspirational Story: The gift of recycling to help others


You want to know how this mat making thing spread, it’s all very interesting, and yet beautiful. Sometimes we don’t need to advertise and have business connections and the fanfare of media. I was telling someone yesterday that it is all about regular people making connections.

I was at a basketball game for my son Philip 6 years ago. I had finished the chemo and was undergoing the radiation treatments for breast cancer. I love

crafts,and knew that sitting around while having my medical appointments would drive me crazy. I asked the women in my church if they had old yarn left over from projects they had made in the past. The yarn came in by the garbage bags full. I knit and crocheted scarves for the homeless in Toronto. As you can imagine our winters are freezing and so many are out on the streets.

Back to the

basket ballgame: I was finishing up my LAST ball of yarn. I remember thinking, I’ll sit at the back of the seats and finish off this scarf while I wait for the game to start. I thought I was unnoticed since I was sitting at the back. A lady came over to me and asked what I was doing, and then she said, “have you ever heard tell of milk bag mats”?  I hadn’t, and I looked quite puzzled as she told me about them and so she told me to go home and google it… I did, and that night I took my first milk bag out of my fridge and started a mat. Of course, one milk bag only makes about 30 stitches of crochet, but I was now intrigued to watch the mat take shape. I have a friend who has 9 children so I asked her for her bags, then I asked people in my church. Little by little this first mat was taking shape.

I had 6 mats made and folded up in my basement. The earthquake in Haiti had not happened yet, so my idea was to get my mats to someone who sent them to Angola in Africa. I had heard that the mats were used for performing surgeries on. They would be washed and dried in the sun and reused.

However, the day after the earthquake in Haiti, I was watching the terrible devastation on the news. As one reporter was interviewing someone, what do you think I saw in the background? You are right, a milk bag mat. I was stunned and

newthat the relief supplies would be going to help the Haitians and told John that somehow I would find a way for my mats to get to Haiti. At

firstthey were used in the cholera clinics, then they started being given away to families who had lost everything.

People that brought me milk bags then started talking to others asking them for milk bags. THEN, a teacher asked me to go to a school and tell the children in an assembly. The school was doing an eco-day awareness day. Everyone loved the mats. The milk bag is an incredibly terrible plastic for our environment because it won’t break down and disintegrate. So, it is terrible for our environment, but fantastic to “UPCYCLE” into something.

That first school I went to had 1000 kids plus the staff and teachers. I was scared to death to talk to them, but the passion came out and I don’t know how I did it, but it struck a cord with the school and they were wanting to help. This project is wonderful because it costs nothing but your time. People are tired of handing over money and not knowing where it is going. Billions of dollars were donated to Haiti, and I can personally tell you the place is still a disaster. The poverty and filth and mess is shocking.

Even though I was making mats, I was still not satisfied with the work. I thought, there are millions of poor and I could make mats till the day I die and there would never be enough mats. I thought that if I could get the bags to Haiti, the women could make their own mats and then maybe sell them for a couple of dollars to make a small living. As I saw it, when a woman makes money she buys food for her family. One day I was vacuuming and my phone rang. The woman on the other end said her best friend was the wife of the consul general of Haiti… I quickly unplugged the vacuum. It took a year, but we ended up in Haiti. I could go on and on, but the long and short of it, is the women are making mats down there. I ship thousands of bags to Haiti. Bags come from school

children,because school kids are from families and families drink milk. We get thousands of bags. I actually had to put the collecting on vacation for awhile, I was getting 100,000 bags a month and was going crazy trying to keep up.

We now have 2 avenues of mat and bag production. The first one is where I send the uncut, milk bags to Haiti to my contact. He has a school and the mother’s of the kids use the bags. The kids come to school at 8 and the

momscome around 9 and work on the bags. The other venture is our own mat making here in Canada. Men, women and children all work on mats. They come to me for bags, and then start making mats. Our work has changed from crocheting the mats to weaving them. Children as young as 8 weave and love it. We produce mats by the hundreds and then I get them to a place not far from me where cargo containers are filled with split peas,

lentils,cookingoil, clothing, etc are packed on a daily basis. The milk bag mats go with these donations. They are stuffed in the container and act as packing material in Canada and arrive as someone’s mattress in another country. Where ever the container goes there is poverty. People sleep on the bare ground or on cardboard, so a milk bag mat is like sleeping on a cloud; they are soft and cushy, and comfortable.

We have sent over 2000 mats all over the world these past years. I am passionate about

it,because it is something that does not cost us anything, just volunteer time. People want to help, they just need a way to do it. They need a leader for their group who is in contact with me. It all works beautifully. I’m very busy, but when you find your passion,

it’s not work, it is a pleasure.

Angela Kesthely,

Ontario, Canada

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@seag47 – I understand what you mean. I’ve been stranded when my car broke down before, and just feeling the relief when someone stopped to help get it running again inspired me to always help others who are in need, because I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

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