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Apps that Make a Difference!

Do you know a child that is moody and needs help with regulating their emotions? Mood Tool Box provides games and tips for emotional intelligence. Created by a mom of son with ASD and Special Education teacher with over 30 years experience, this app particularly helps parents, teachers and practitioners to manage moods in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Aspergers and Special Needs.

Our apps build early reading and motor skills while fostering a love for the environment in young children. Youngsters learn key concepts about ecology and animals through play and imaginative stories.

By educating children at a young age through these stories, activities, and games, it will deepen their understanding of people, various cultures, animals, and the environment. This will make our world a richer and more loving place. Together we can make a difference!

Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and many more special occasions. Over the years there have been many special events in people’s lives and traditions behind them. Here is a collection of apps that will keep you entertained and at the same time answer the simple question, WHY?

Welcome to Inspire stickers for iMessage. These are stickers with a difference. Mix and match your backgrounds, images, animations with special inspirational messages to inspire yourself and others. Together we can make a difference.