Moodzie certainly knows people may have struggles with handling their mood, as this is a problem that Moodzie has faced himself, and one Moodzie knows that many people struggle to deal with it. As not everyone is a happy individual, some people are just naturally moody, that does not mean that they are rude people, just means they are not as optimistic about certain things as others around them.

Tips that Moodzie has to help manage one’s mood, and rather than being moody, being happy, firstly would be to do things such as firstly, shop smarter, as a lot of the time material things can help us and make us feel a lot better all of a sudden, for instance if you shop smart you can save some money, and maybe go out there and buy yourself some nice shoes, that you really wanted to have. Buying those even little things, can help boost one’s mood significantly, for instance sometimes eating something sweet can make us feel so much better, it does not have to be a fancy dress or game, just something sweet and simple, can be enough.

Another tip by Moodzie would be to go out there, and focus on doing good deeds, as a lot of the time when do something good for those around us, it surely will help us feel a lot better, doing things such as volunteering, giving charity, or just helping someone out with a tough or daunting job, will improve your mood and personal well-being surely.

Another thing one can do when they are down, is reminisce old times, maybe those times specifically that you very much enjoyed, maybe looking at old albums, of times that you had a lot of fun in, look at your closed one’s older photos, maybe can just help you feel a little bit better. Being healthier is also a tip that a lot of moody people do not want to hear, as sometimes we simply are not eating right or exercising, and a lot of the times maybe simply going out on a run, or just eating less sugary junk foods, can help us feel a lot more rejuvenated. Another tip by

Moodzie would be to track the times when you were happy, as a moody person sometimes being happy can become a rarity, as a naturally pessimistic person, one must track the times they were happy and feeling good, and remember those times, and eventually hope to increase the tracking percentages of how often one was happy. Another tip would be to maybe become more spiritual or begin meditating, as these things have known to calm down people, and help their control their own respective moods, hence meditation can be a possibility for a person aiming to become less moody. In overall aspects those are some tips Moodzie would have for those who are moody.

Coping skills for managing emotions

KidsMatter was developed by mental health professionals and education and childcare staff in response to the high rates of school-age children with mental health difficulties and the problems they face getting help. It is is a partnership between education and health sectors and is funded by the Australian Government and beyondblue.

Teaching Kids Emotional Regulation

One of the ways in which children develop an ability to manage their emotions is by watching their parents and mimicking their coping strategies (Cole, 1994). Naturally children develop those emotional regulation skills gradually and parents need to consider suitable modeling strategies for the different developmental stages.



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