As an Experienced Teacher who specialises in guiding Special Needs and Autistic children, the founder, designer, and author of this website, Natalie Clarke, has a highly advanced ability to communicate with children especially, and that coupled with her amazing energy for life, comes through in everything she does, designs, writes, and says.

Natalie says that by educating our children at a young age through stories, activities, and games, it will deepen their understanding of people, various cultures, animals, and the environment. This will make our world a richer and more loving place.

Our apps, books and sticker packs build early reading and motor skills while fostering a love for the environment in young children. Youngsters learn key concepts about ecology and animals through play and imaginative stories.

Our stories, activities, and games, are designed to deepen your child’s understanding and respect of people, cultures, domestic and wild animals, the environment, and our planet. This will make our world a richer and more loving place.  We also create have Jewellery and Gift Store Items that share the love of animals.

Together we can make a difference!


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