Moodzie realizes that a baby shower, is a significant event in the lives of most parents, and of course, most parents would like it to be a memorable event. Moodzie will share some tips, that can help the parents make the event more exciting, for both themselves and the guests attending. Moodzie believes, that every baby shower will be different, as parents have different preferences for what they would like to have within a baby shower, hence Moodzie’s tips will be diverse and uniquely catered to all types.

Whether you wish to have a large-scale baby shower with a long list of guests, or a more intimate event with only close family and friends invited. One tip by that is both unique and universal, would be that of having games present at the event. As everyone loves games, both children and adults, however depending on the type of guests you have invited of course your games will be uniquely catered towards them.

Moodzie’s reasons behind having a game(s) at the baby shower, is mainly because they can serve as an icebreaker when the guests are not mingling, a game can help break the ice and get people to know each other better. Games also may serve the purpose of providing structure at the party, as especially with a larger number of guests present, it can get hard to manage, however with interesting games planned, it will grab people’s attention and also keep things organized if done correctly.

Moodzie will share a few examples of games that can be played at the baby shower, parents should only select one or two they like, and if the event goes on longer than expected then maybe have a backup game planned as well. First example would be bringing a baby book, basically ask each guest to bring their favourite children’s book, to be given to the baby, and when all the guests are seated around in a circle, then they should each give their book to the mother and explain why do they love that book. Another game one can play would be gene lottery, basically printing a list of different characteristics that the baby might get from each parent, and each guest gets a copy and writes dad or mum on the piece of paper, if the guests guess the correct traits then they win a prize of some sort. Another game one can play would be labelled “Taste test”, basically you will need five or six jars of baby food with no label, and you and your guests altogether will need to guess which food it is.

Lastly, a game families can play would be “spit the dummy”, basically every participant will be given a dummy, and the contest would be to spit it as far as possible, and whoever throws it the farthest, wins a prize. Thus, these games are both unique and diverse, based on one’s preferences they can play whichever game they wish.

Tip 1: Download the PDF to support Boy or Girl Myth Game at your baby shower

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Tip 2: Download the PDF to find great games to play at your baby shower

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