We all know, that for a child to grow and prosper their younger age is critical, and within that younger age, they must be fed properly. Moodzie has some tips to help keep the baby well fed, healthy, and nourished. Moodzie realizes that it can be both exciting and frustrating, when learning to feed the baby, as of course it will be a new experience, and most will not know what kind of foods to give the baby, and when exactly to give it to the baby. Hence, Moodzie will share some tips on what kind of foods to eat, and at what stages should those foods be given to the baby. For instance, a baby typically begins consuming actual solid foods, around the age of 6 months, as before that most babies are on a entirely liquid-based diet. The age for consuming solids, will also vary based on the child, however the average is around 6 months. At around the age of 6 months, the baby will begin to show a lot of interest in consuming edible solid foods, and if even if they cannot consume the edible food, they will still attempt various times on eating the solid foods. To keep the baby well-nourished, one most also give the child the right foods, based on the season, as if it is summer give the baby more tropical fruits, and if it is winter give the baby warmer foods, more suitable for the weather. Babies should surely stay away from any kind of processed foods especially at an early age, as it can easily get them sick and damage their health and growth. Make the babies prefer to eat healthy foods, not only will it keep the child more nourished, but also will help build up healthy overall eating habits, as the younger children learn and prefer to eat more natural and healthier foods, their habits are more likely to remain long-term, and continue onto their adulthood.

Organic and Whole foods, should be preferable when giving food to a baby, as Moodzie believes that organic and whole foods would be much more optimal for growth, health, and also prevent the baby from catching sickness. As organic foods do not contain the chemicals that are associated with many packaged foods, and are much better for younger children, in terms of preventing. For babies to be optimally nourished and healthy, once they can eat solids, they should be given whole foods, rather than processed foods as well. Foods that are more natural, rather than packaged goods, as they again will be more so optimal for growth, and also for the baby’s satiation. Thus, when a baby is able to consume edible solid foods, Moodzie believes the aim should be to provide the baby/child with a diet that is nutritious, and consists of organic and whole foods.

Below are great tips to feed and nourish your baby:

Tip 1: Get great tips for a healthy and happy baby!

Tip 2: A Calm Baby is a Nourished Baby

 Tip 3: If you can, breast feed!

Discover tips and video on how to breastfeed effectively.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is Australia’s largest breastfeeding information and support service. Breastfeeding is a practical, learned skill and ABA help more than 80,000 mothers each year. ABA also provides up-to-date information and continuing education for thousands of health professionals working with mothers and babies.


Tip 4: Use BPA free and Non-toxic bottles

Discover healthy bottles that are safe for your baby to drink out of:

Use BPA free bottles

BPA Free Glass Baby feeding bottles are eco-friendly and these lead free glass bottles don’t contain nasty toxins. Baby Nova glass bottles are made from highest quality Czech glass and are toughened to ensure a long life. BPA Free Glass Baby Bottles are Bisphenol-A (BPA) free. This BPA Free Glass Baby Bottle comes with a round, slow flow silicone teat, polypropylene screw-on collar, lid and bottle cap for easy transport of liquids. The teat has an anti-colic valve.

To clean bottles and parts, simply boil in a pot with plenty of water or sterilise in a conventional steriliser.

Caring for your glass bottles

BPA Free Glass Baby Bottles may be safely washed in your dishwasher, but please note that the harsh chemical cleaners often used in dishwasher cleaning powder may cause the inks to degrade over time.

Please make sure that BPA Free Glass Baby Bottles are not placed under extreme temperature changes, for example placing a cold bottle into boiling water, as this might make the glass crack. Baby Nova glass bottles are heat resistant to sudden temperature changes of 175 degrees Celsius, but please do take care.

As with any drinking glass, you should check your glass feeding bottles for chips and cracks and if found, discard the bottle straight away for the safety of your baby.

Use non-toxic baby bottles

Free of –  Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET, Tritan and biologically harmful chemicals.

No Spill nipple!!! – features our cross cut design. The design also mimics natural breastfeeding as it requires your little one to nurse to receive fluid.

Anti-colic nipple – helps reduce incidence of gas and spit up. Unique one-piece design eliminates cleaning headaches and tricky assembly. No extra parts to lose.

Extra soft, medical grade silicone – provides easier transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

Comes with slow flow nipples – Designed for 0 to 3 months.

The transformational line – The thinkbaby system allows parents to transform baby bottles to our award winning Sippy Cup through purchase of the Conversion Kit. The system saves parents money and the environment from discarding baby bottles when it’s time for the next stage in feeding.

Comes with Travel Top – reduces chance of spillage during travel and protects the nipple from coming into contact with foreign substances.

Dishwasher safe (Top rack recommended).

Eco-friendly – Baby bottles are made from materials that can be recycled after use. Does not leach chemicals to adversely affect the environment.

Pocketbook friendly – the products are made to fit all pocketbooks.

Why a baby bottle?

 When we introduced the thinkbaby over 4 years ago 95% of the baby bottles on the market were made of polycarbonate which contains BPA. Initially, we attempted to convince the major companies to move off of polycarbonate, but after being unsuccessful we launched thinkbaby and thinksport to address the concern of chemicals leaching from consumer products. We started with the baby bottle because polycarbonate was ubiquitous across the industry. As little ones systems are still in a state of development they have very little defense against foreign chemicals.

 While many companies have emerged to offer BPA Free baby bottles, many bottles not only still contain BPA despite saying BPA Free (see Health Canada study), but many companies have also landed on untested materials just because the material claims to be free of BPA. thinkbaby utilizes the precautionary principle in the creation of all of our products. We don’t jump to “new” materials without doing the requisite testing to ensure that we haven’t landed on another “BPA-like” material. When we target a product segment that concerns us, we ask the question, “How can we make the product line Safe. Functional. Sustainable.” thinkbaby and thinksport’s focus has led us to be the first company to span safe consumer products ranging from baby to adults.

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Tip 6: Discover a great site and video about bottle feeding

Site great site and video about bottle feeding

If you’re planning to formula feed your baby, you’ll have plenty to think about. For a start, you’ll need to learn how to sterilise the equipment and make up a bottle. You’ll also need to know how to give your baby her bottle, and how often, and how to cope when you’re out and about.

Our beginner’s guide to bottle feeding will help to get you started.

Bottle-feeding basics

If you’re planning to bottle feed, find out how to sterilise your equipment, give your baby her bottle and manage feeding when you’re not at home. And if you’re using formula milk, learn how to make up a bottle and how often you should feed your baby.

View the video on how to prepare your bottles thoroughly

Safely Preparing a Baby Formula Bottle, Infant Feeding Tips from Barb Dehn, RN

(More at http://www.momsfeedingfreedom.com) Barbara Dehn, RN — womens health nurse practitioner and author of “Your Personal Guide to Breastfeeding” — discusses how to safely prepare a baby formula bottle. Nurse Barb and other practitioners agree that breastfeeding is best, as it provides babies with the ideal nutrition.

View the video on the procedure for bottle feeding

How to bottle feed a baby correctly

A guide to preparation, feeding positions and teat choice to bottle feed correctly… from http://gurgle.co.uk


Earth Heartbeat

Winner of the Tweed Business Excellence Award for best Retail 2009

25 Coolman St,

Tyalgum, NSW, 2484

Mobile: 0467 048 990

Earth Heartbeat: (02) 6679 2121

Tip 6: Discover all about Mastitis

Discover how you prevent mastitis and cure it.

Here is a great site about Mastitis

Mastitis often occurs in women who are breastfeeding. Symptoms may include sore, painful, red or hardened breasts, flu-like symptoms and a high temperature. Mastitis can be caused by inflammation (pain and swelling) due to blocked milk ducts or by bacterial infection. Frequent breastfeeding and good attachment can help prevent mastitis. Here is a great site to assist with this:

Mastitis | Symptoms and Treatment Of Mastitis | BellyBelly

Mastitis is a breast condition that some breastfeeding mothers will unfortunately experience. Having mastitis is often both a miserable and painful experience – it usually makes you feel unwell, very tired and makes your breast hurt a lot! Trying to breastfeed can be very uncomfortable too.

Earth Heartbeat

Winner of the Tweed Business Excellence Award for best Retail 2009

25 Coolman St,

Tyalgum, NSW, 2484

Mobile: 0467 048 990

Earth Heartbeat: (02) 6679 2121

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