Everyone wants their baby to be happy and remain calm, as a loud or dissatisfied baby is not a good thing, neither for the baby or the parent. Moodzie will share some tips, on how to keep the baby calm and happy. Firstly, Moodzie’s tip would be to keep oneself connected with the baby, as some moms always seem to be more connected to their baby, they talk more to the baby, laugh, smile, and keep themselves always interacted with the baby, even before discharge, a mother’s aim should be to be with the baby as much as possible, this specifically is labelled as birth bonding. Something both mother and father can do, are to carry or hold the baby more frequently, as doing so can help the baby recognize the faces of his or her parents more so. Something more so specific to mothers would be breastfeeding, as doing so obviously keeps the baby full and satisfied, while also keeping the more attached to the mother.

Another tip by Moodzie would be to surround yourself with support, as a lot of the times it is not the baby that needs to remain but the caregiver themselves, as having a strong supporting whether from a spouse, relative, or friend, sometimes we must need a form of support to help ourselves handle the baby better. If you still remain confused on how to calm down the baby, or make the baby happy, then possibly go to your doctor, as they are well experienced and knowledgeable in this matter, as they can prescribe maybe some specific forms of medicine, talking styles, or exercises that can calm the baby. A critical reason why, many babies do not remain calm or happy is because their sleep schedule is simply not optimal, as maybe fix your own sleep schedule around that of the baby, babies of course sleep a lot longer than adults, however whenever the baby goes into deep sleep around night, try to get the bulk of your sleep around then. As during this time period the baby is relaxed and sleeping, and yourself as the caregiver you can relax too, whereas it really is impossible to sleep when the baby is wide awake.

Lastly, a key tip by Moodzie to help your baby remain calm and happy in the long run would be to shape their taste buds more so naturally, as when the baby is finally beginning to eat table foods, introduce to the baby to as many natural foods as possible, as the baby should not be fed artificial foods and sweeteners on a daily basis, this will build up poor eating habits for the baby in the long run, hence organic table foods should be optimized. Thus, those are some tips by Moodzie, to help your baby remain calm and happy.

Below are great tips to have a calm , happy baby!

Tip 1: Discover great tips for calming babies


Tip 2: A Calm Baby is a Nourished Baby

Tip 3: Discover the benefits of massage for babies

Discover how you can have a calm baby through massage. Watch the videos provided.
Massage is beneficial for pregnancy for the following reasons:

  • Help relax and reduce anxiety
  • Help to reduce pain and discomfort in all areas of the body
  • Reduce toxins in the body
  • Note: Use a recommended and qualified massage therapist for newborn babies

Here is a great video on baby massage:

Infant Massage Techniques | Isis Parenting

Subscribe to Our channel to watch Exclusive Parenting Videos : http://bit.ly/ParentingYT Infant Massage Techniques | Isis Parenting – 2011 Isis Instructor Lynn Darbyshire demonstrates some infant massage techniques.


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Tip 4: Use Organic products to nurture your baby

Joyful bath-time body wash 200ml

This joyful bath-time body wash with Mandarin & Chamomile sweetly aromatic, soothing  bath wash made with 78% certified organic ingredients.

Garden of Light joyful bath-time bodywash  helps you to create a gentle and nourishing bath time.

Delight in the joy and sweetness

of mandarin essential oil and the calming, soothing qualities of  chamomile and  lavender.

This product is soap and sulphate free.

Organic Calming Mist Spray 100ml

Garden of Light uses only pure certified organic oils appropriate for sensitive skin.
This beautifully soft, fragrant calming mist spray with lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and vanilla helps to draw all around it into the sphere of deep relaxation and the warmth of love.
…protecting baby in this beautiful vulnerability.
This calming mist spray is suitable for newborn babies, children & even for mums and dads.

Made with 100% certified organic ingredients, plant derived and hand-blended product made with great care and love.

handmade baby bottom balm made using certified organic ingredients.

baby’s bottom balm 50g

The combination of organic plant oils and beeswax in this delicate balm, create a perfect, natural barrier to protect baby from any unwanted excess moisture. The lavender and calendula essential oils help to calm and soothe baby’s sensitive, irritated skin.

Garden of Light Baby Massage Oil

The Garden of Light Mother Child and Baby Skincare are all exquisite natural and organic products. The Baby Massage Oil is wonderfully soothing, calming and moisturizing. Our Calming Mist Spray is delightfully refreshing. Baby will love it, as will you.

Eco Goods | Tyalgum | Earth Heartbeat

landing pad to the unique creations and much loved products of Earth Heartbeat Shop in Northern NSW Australia. Organic chocolate, organic hand roasted coffee…

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Tip 5: Your Baby Will Benefit From Reflexology

Here are some great tips and benefits of reflexology for babies.  View the video on how to perform baby reflexology. Reflexology is a non-evasive treatment that doesn’t tickle the feet. It stimulates the vital organs, thus helping them to work better with increased blood flow.

Here is a great app on baby reflexology:

Crying Baby? Try gentle reflexology.

Lynne Booth, leading reflexologist, teaches feather-light gentle reflexology techniques to help soothe and calm your baby. Visit www.boothvrt.com for more clips, info and full length DVD


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Tip 6: Create an awesome room for your baby

A baby will be calm if they are in a calm stable environment. Sarah has some awesome tips on 5 great ways to decorate an arrange a dreamy baby room.

5 Great Ways to Decorate and Arrange a Dreamy Baby Room

Bringing a baby into this world and the loving embrace of your family is one of life’s greatest blessings, and we’re all excited for you and this new chapter you have turned in the book of life.