New parents a lot of the time can find it to be a tough task to properly bathe their babies, as many are inexperienced in this regard, and also want to be super careful when bathing their babies. Moodzie will share some unique and great tips to help parents bathe their baby correctly and safely. Firstly, with newborn babies, Moodzie realizes their skin is quite sensitive and soft hence they do not need to be bathing on a daily basis, rather maybe bathe the baby once every two or three days, especially if they still have their uncial cord attached to them still. Secondly, another tip by Moodzie would be to focus on sponge baths, as again the baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive compared to an adult’s, hence they must be primarily be given a sponge bath, as a sponge bath is a much more suitable method of bathing for babies specifically. Time your bathing sessions with the baby as well, as it is very easy for the baby’s super soft skin to become dry, hence Moodzie believes babies should be allocated a specific amount of time to bathe, such as maybe 15 minutes, if the baby bathes too long, their skin can begin to rash and become too dry. When washing your baby, avoid any soap or shampoo that is not specific for babies, as babies usually have their own specific soap and shampoo brands, which are catered towards their skin and natural needs. Whereas using adult products, will surely damage the baby’s skin, and cause pain, parents should avoid using too much soap on babies at all times, as even baby soap can cause irritation, however when the baby needs to be bathed than use baby products. Another tip by Moodzie, would be to get a helper, as a lot of the time, when someone more experienced helps out, it can help the parents learn what they are doing wrong, and also give the additional emotional or mental support that is needing when learning to bathe a newborn. Another tip by Moodzie would be to make sure to check the temperature of both the water and that of the baby, as your baby again is very sensitive and it does not need large amounts of water to take a bath, but the water must be room temperature similar to that of the baby’s skin, as if it is too hot, the baby’s skin can easily be burnt, whereas if it is too cold, the baby can easily be sick. Thus, for new parents, bathing a baby can be a tough process at the start, you have to be very cautious and considerate, however once you get used to it Moodzie believes it becomes a very natural and easy process.

Tip 1: Discover great tips for bathing babies

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Tip 2: Use the correct techniques for bathing a baby

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Tip 4: Use Organic products to nurture your baby

Newborn Baby Oil

A newborn baby’s skin is exceptionally sensitive, requiring the most gentle of care.  Protect and nourish this precious skin with Garden of Light newborn baby oil. Fragrance free – suitable for use during baby’s first three months after birth.

Newborn baby oil can also be used into baby’s later months or  for anyone at any age with super sensitive skin.

Garden of Light uses only certified organic, cold-pressed plant oils. In this oil blend, the rich olive oil deeply nourishes and balances, the jojoba oil (a plant wax) works to hydrate, protect and nourish newborn baby’s skin.

A 99% certified organic, plant derived and hand-blended product, made with great care and love.


Jojoba oil* (simmondsia chinensis), cold pressed virgin olive oil * (olea europaea), vitamin E natural (D-a-tocopherol). Certified organic ingredients. Store below 28?C

To use: Apply to hands and rub together to warm before gently massaging your baby from top to toe with great care and loving attention… allowing baby to trust in the process of being alive, and receiving your love…

Baby Oil

Garden of Light choose to use only certified organic cold – pressed plant oils and a whisper of the most gentle of essential oils found to be most supportive for baby’s skin. Baby’s body oil brings together – blue chamomile essential oil to calm, a hint of vanilla to warm and soothe. Rich olive oil deeply nourishes and balances, and jojoba oil (a plant wax) works to hydrate, protect and nourish baby’s body.

To Use: Apply to hands and rub together to warm before gently massaging your baby from top to toe with great care and loving attention… allowing baby to trust in the process of being alive, to trust the process of living, and receive your love.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil* (simmondsia chinensis), cold pressed virgin olive oil* (olea europaea), chamomile german blue* 3% in Jojoba Oil* (matricaria chamomilla), lavender oil* (lavandula angustifolia), vanilla oleoresin oil* (vanilla plantifolia), vitamin E natural (D-a-tocopherol).

Joyful bath-time body wash

babybathwashThis joyful bath-time body wash with Mandarin & Chamomile sweetly aromatic, soothing  bath wash made with 78% certified organic ingredients.

Garden of Light joyful bath-time bodywash  helps you to create a gentle and nourishing bath time.

Delight in the joy and sweetnessof mandarin essential oil and the calming, soothing qualities of  chamomile and  lavender.

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