Where’s the Reindeer Book?

Rub the snow globe and embark on a Christmas adventure. Where’s the Reindeer is a magical story to teach children how to care for reindeer and the environment. Together we can make a difference!

“It is the night before Christmas and there is just one challenge. Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer has simply vanished! How will all the children around the world receive their presents? It’s a foggy Christmas Eve and Rudolf is needed to guide Santa’s sleigh with his shiny nose.”

Where’s the Reindeer?  is an action-packed adventure story that will keep children entertained. Download the supporting free resources from our site to learn more . They’ll learn vital lessons about Christmas traditions and where Santa lives The resources introduce key educational concepts with data and facts. There are also images to color in and awesome backgrounds to use on the phone or iPad.  Because children will learn without even realizing it, the book and free resources foster an interest in science and environment that can last a lifetime.

Come on an adventure to find the Reindeer? What will you discover when you jump into the magical snow globe?

Where’s the Reindeer App?

is the night before Christmas and there is just one challenge. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer has simply vanished! How will all the children around the world receive their presents? It’s a foggy Christmas eve and Rudolf is needed to guide the sleigh with his shiny nose.

Fortunately, you can come to the rescue to help find Rudolf and save Christmas. As you explore this App, read the story to discover the clues. Through various festive activities and games, you can earn extra points to find Rudolf.  Also learn valuable lessons about reindeer, animal care, ecology and Christmas traditions along the way. Together we can make a difference to live in this world.

This app has the following activities and games:

1. Magically dress up the elves in costumes.
2. Play Reindeer Treasure: Help Rudolf discover what is in Santa’s sack. Make sure to find Santa along the way.
3. Make and decorate tasty treats for Christmas.
4. Play the fun quiz to learn more about Christmas customs and traditions.
5. Achievements: 6 fun games to unlock, including Reindeer Crossy

With characters and backgrounds to select, “Wheres’s the Reindeer?” keeps children engaged. As they progress, they’ll make reindeer friends and earn points by finding Rudolf. Achievements unlock extra reindeer points to continue the fun. As they continue to play, children can also unlock achievements with additional fun activities and games, as well as an additional surprise Christmas game to play in which players can choose the costume that Rudolf wears.

Easy to play, educational and full of fun, “Where’s the Reindeer?” is an educational App that will get children excited and educated for Christmas, but that is sure to be a favorite app to use year round. Download it today and get ready to help Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer save Christmas.


Educational Christmas themed App with vivid, beautiful graphics
* Story that provides clues and educates children about caring for reindeer
* Try the various games and activities for free when first playing
* Explore six different festive landscapes, including Santa’s home and workshop
* Simple tap-to-play interface allows children to begin playing right away
* Add music to the game by choosing a favorite song from a selection of festive tracks
* Find Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer to complete achievements to unlock additional fun games and activities
* Unlock Rudolf’s different costumes as the games are played
* Compatible with Facebook and Game Center or Circle to post scores
* Teaches facts about caring for reindeer and the environment in a fun, engaging way
* Introduces children to the traditions of Christmas to increase awareness
* Created by a teacher with facts provided by Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, Scotland.


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