Where’s the Koala Book

Climb up a eucalyptus tree and embark on an adventure in the Australian outback. Where’s the Turtle Koala is a magical story to teach children how to care for koalas and the environment. Together we can make a difference!

What was that? James and Joy hear splash into the billabong. How will the children help the little koala return to his mother? Come along on a magical adventure with James and Joy to meet one of nature’s most adorable animals.

Where’s the Koala?  is an action-packed adventure story that will keep children entertained. Download the supporting free resources from our site to learn more . They’ll learn vital lessons about ecology, outback life and desert environments. The resources introduce key educational concepts with data and facts. There are also images to color in and awesome backgrounds to use on the phone or iPad.  Because children will learn without even realizing it, the book and free resources foster an interest in science and environment that can last a lifetime.

Come on an adventure to find the koala. What will you discover when you climb a eucalyptus tree?


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