We all just love to shop! Clothes, shoes, cars, bikes and the list goes on…

Place inspiration into your iMessages to someone you care about with “I Love Shopping Sticker pack.”

Build your own inspirational stickers with this incredible pack. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, animated and static stickers to create a masterpiece that will bring the joy of shopping to yourself and to anyone you share it with.

Share your special message to friends and family, with this unique, sticker pack to remind about the joy that shopping brings.

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Sticker Pack Contents:

Artistic designs include a collection of over:

* 30 Animated Stickers
* 120  backgrounds, inspirational messages and static stickers

How to use stickers:

-Tap a sticker to add it to your message thread and SEND it
-Drag another sticker onto the message thread and place it on the previous sticker
-Scale and rotate stickers by using a second finger before you place them in the message thread

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Send an iMessage to someone special

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