Tip 1: The best thing you can do to stop challenging feelings is to let it go and forgive.

Below are some strategies to do so:

(1) Write down your challenge, place it in a balloon and let it go.

(2) Tell someone or ask for help.

(3) Write down your challenge and throw it in the trash.

(4) Learn a new skill or distract yourself.

(5) Forgive the person.

(6) Imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes.

(7) Use a stress ball.

(8) Change your thoughts to positive ones.

(9) Remind yourself these are your only three options:

  • remove yourself from the situation
  • change it
  • accept it

(10) Laugh.

(11) Get busy and organise something so you feel in control.

(12) Breathe and relax.

(13) Meditate, stretch or yoga helps to calm and let it go.

(14) Engage in a physical activity. Exercise decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins, chemicals that improve your state of mind.

(15) Rhythmic Movement.

(16) Walk away.

How to Teach a Child Forgiveness | World of Psychology

Children are often asked to forgive: forgive his sibling for taking their toy; forgive Johnny for pulling her hair at recess; forgive Mom for being late. When you ask your child to forgive — to say “okay” when someone has said they are “sorry” — does your child really understand what that means?

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