Hi, I’m Moodzie and I am very sensitive to the World. Discover my story, posters, activities and Apps to help me with my mood!



Mood Toolbox Intervention Book

Mood toolbox is a practical intervention for parents, teachers and counselors that will positively  support children with learning how to effectively regulate their moods and emotions.

This program was developed by Natalie Clarke with the assistance from her friend, a behaviour specialist (40 years experience) to help Natalie’s son with ASD. The intervention assists Ben in understanding his own emotions and has empowered him to select strategies from the toolbox to use when needed.  He has become more independent in his choices of how he regulates his emotions.

Natalie has three degrees, including a Masters in Special Education and over 30 years experience teaching in Public, State and Autistic Schools. Over the years, Natalie has assisted many children in learning how to regulate their own emotions.

Mood toolbox is a practical approach and can be used individually or in the whole class environment. It is especially helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Social Emotional Disorder (SED).

A fun character affectionately called Moodzie helps to encourage children to recognize their own moods. Each Moodzie has a color that represents different moods, such as red for anger, blue for sadness etc. 

Learning to navigate the emotional roads of children can be challenging, but for the impacted children, discerning and working through their own moods can be even more trying. Some children may not know how to communicate their feelings, but with the Mood Tool Box, their moods can be explored through Moodzie’s various adventure stories and other support materials.

This book contains three of Moodzie’s adventures:

1. Moodzie Chooses Happy
2. Moodzie Gets Agro
3. Moodzie Blues

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Heartfelt thanks to the amazing people who assisted with this app and book. I am especially grateful to all the amazing children over the years that have suggested strategies and games to include.