Hi, I’m Moodzie and I am very sensitive to the World. Discover my story, posters, activities and Apps to help me with my mood!

The Mood Toolbox currently being created by a Learning Support and Special Education teacher, with over 25 years experience working with children with special needs.  Over 28 years, Natalie has worked in State and Private and special Autism schools.  As a mother of a child with ASD, Natalie knows what challenges can exist at home and at school for children. Free to download, the strategies for this App help children to be happy and particularly help children with trauma, ADHD, ASD and Autism to regulate their moods.  Follow up on Facebook or subscribe to our updates to find out when this app is released in 2017. During the year each section of the Moolbox will be created as standalone apps.

This app will be aimed at teacher, organisations and parents to help guide children who have challenging mood changes.  This will help them to regulate their emotions (Anger, Depression)   This designed to help all children as well as children with Autism, ADHD, ASD and special needs.  It will also help children who have experienced trauma.

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Below are individual apps that will be in the Mood toolbox:

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Moodzie Chooses Happy Book: Narrated by a 10 year old boy with ASD

Moodzie is happy most of the time. However, antennae makes Moodzie very sensitive to the world. Come on a journey with Moodzie to discover all about moods and the strategies to make Moodzie happy again." This book assists teachers, practitioners and parents in guiding children to understand and regulate their challenging mood changes.

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing people who assisted with this app and book. I am especially grateful to all the amazing children over the years that have suggested strategies and games to include.