Plunge deep into the water and embark on an adventure as a young dolphin exploring the world around her in Dolphin Treasure Hunt. 

It’s lunchtime, and the dolphin is ready to catch fish for her meal. All that’s standing in her way is debris and litter from the human world above. Can you help the dolphin get her lunch while avoiding the trash in three tries? 

The task can be challenging, but there are bonuses to help you along the way. Touch the gold hand to clear the trash and score 100 points. Keep an eye out for diamonds that will refill the dolphin’s life.

Along with fish, the underwater environment has secrets waiting to be discovered. Pirates’ treasure chests line the ocean floor. Keys can appear at any time and when you collect them, your dolphin will earn points. The more treasure that you open, the more new secrets you’ll unlock. You can even gain new animal characters to play while you explore the briny deep.  

Dolphin Treasure Hunt is an action-packed game that will keep children entertained through hours of game play, and they’ll learn vital lessons about ecology, marine life and underwater environments. The app introduces key educational concepts with data and facts supplied by an organisation that cares for dolphins. Because children will learn without even realizing it, the game fosters an interest in science that can last a lifetime.

Part of the fun of Dolphin Treasure Hunt is sharing progress with friends and comparing achievements with other players. Data can be posted directly to Facebook without leaving the app. In addition, the app is Game Center-supported, making it possible to share high scores and achievements, earn a spot on the leaderboard and even challenge friends for some competitive fun.

Dolphin Treasure Hunt is completely free to download and to play. In-app purchases make it possible to unlock new features and keep the action fresh and new. 

What will you discover when you dive into the deep blue sea? Download Dolphin Treasure Hunt to find out!

Feature Highlights:

* Entertaining gameplay with beautiful, engaging graphics

* 6 different underwater habitats to explore

* Tap-to-play functionality makes the game easy to learn

* Customizable music tracks to accompany the action

* Change into other sea animals as you earn achievements

 * Share scores on Facebook, Game Center and Game Circle

* Educates children about dolphins and their habitats in a fun way

*Developed by a teacher using facts provided by Sea World an organisation that cares for dolphins

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