Thank you to Mike Dooley and TUT…Thoughts definitely become things!

I have been using TUT: Notes from the universe for years and it works!

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Notes from the Universe

The Notes are brief emails sent to over 700,000 subscribers around the world…

Try this course and the supporting facebook group is free! This is absolutely incredible and I am grateful to be a part of it.

TUT – The Universe Talks – Mike Dooley

By the time you complete all 30 activities, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you really want, an expanded awareness of how the universe works, a deeper perspective on manifestation and your role in it, and tools you can immediately start using in the days and weeks ahead.

Thank you to Mark Watson for his Angelic music that calms and heals

This music is incredibly beautiful and the only music I listen too when creating apps and books. Some special songs are included in the mood tool for young ones to listen to and heal their emotions.  I am so grateful that this healing music will help children across the World.

AngelEarth Music is committed
to bringing to the planet,
high vibration, positive music
to help with your relaxation,
healing and meditation. 

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Meditation, relaxation, healing music from the archangels and goddesses by Mark Watson keyboardist, composer of the Waves Series, The Archangel Themes, The Goddess Series, Night Shades, and others.

Thanks to Cairngorm Reindeer Centre

Thanks to Cairngorm Reindeer Centre for providing the factual information in the app “Where’s the reindeer?”


Visit the centre with daily guided mountainside visits to feed and stroke the UK’s only wild reindeer herd.reindeer

Address: Reindeer House, Aviemore PH22 1QU, UK

Open today · 10am–5pm

Heartfelt thanks to Sue Stewart

Thanks for creating the music for my app. Sue is currently the singer in the band Double Vision.



Thanks to Eric Matyas for his Beautiful Music


Nearly 900 Tracks of Free Music and Sound Effects for Your Projects by Eric Matyas. This is completly royality free if the music is attibuted.



Thanks to Blagovest Bells




Thanks to Blagovest Bells for providing the beautiful Russian

bell music and assisting with the factual information about Russian Orthodox Easter for:

Bunny of the Woods iBook

Thanks to the House Rabbit Society




Thanks to the House Rabbit Society for providing the

factual information about rabbits and the amazing pictures  in Bunny of the Woods Book.

Purchase Bunny of the Woods to help the House Rabbit Society do their wonderful work.


App Development: Ginga Gaming

Musician: Nuwanda Coleridge

Health Practitioner: Graham Duck

Thanks to you I wouldn’t be where I am today.  You have helped me to manage my Sarcoidosis. I am no longer coughing 300 times a day and I no longer have any congestion. My lung capacity is back to normal without the use of prescription drugs.  Thanks for introducing my family and me to non-toxic products and minerals from Paradise Nutrients. Today I am feeling so healthy and energetic and I am so grateful for your advice and direction.

Natalie Clarke


Graham DuckDr Graham Duck

Health Practioner








Medium: Mitchell Coombes for your amazing guidance

mitchellI am very grateful that  I had the opportunity to meet Mitchell Coombes.  In 2009, I had a couple of readings from him at the Body Health and Harmony show in Sydney. At the time he gave much amazing guidance and the gift of my website’s name, Life Cleansing. With his inspiration, it gave me the ability to put my vision into action. It has far more reaching than I could ever have imagined. Life cleansing now encompasses the gift of apps, books, stories and tips that can enrich others and make such a difference in the world. Over the years, we have met at one of his book signings (2013) and at an evening event (June 21, 2014). It is wonderful to be around his positive energy. Mitchell’s gift can impact people’s lives so profoundly, especially those people who need it the most. I will never forget his INSPIRING words and the difference it has made to my life…and to the lives of many others.   Natalie Clarke Mitchell’s Website: