Book Version:

Plunge deep into the deep blue sea and embark on an adventure. Where’s the Dolphin Book is a magical story to teach children how to care for dolphins and the oceans of the world. Together we can make a difference!

Orion is swimming in his ocean home but there is just one challenge. The little dolphin has simply vanished! Come on a magical journey of discovery to find and meet the dolphin and the magical mermaids and mermen.

Where’s the Dolphin? is an action-packed adventure story that will keep children entertained. Download the supporting free resources from our site to learn more. They’ll learn vital lessons about ecology, marine life and underwater environments. The resources introduce key educational concepts with data and facts. There are also images to colour in and awesome backgrounds to use on the phone or iPad. Because children will learn without even realizing it, the book and free resources foster an interest in science and environment that can last a lifetime.

Come on an adventure to find the dolphin. What will you discover when you dive into the deep blue sea?

Created by a teacher and children’s book author and app developer, this resource will inspire children to discover more about dolphins.

App Version:

A little dolphin is swimming in his ocean home but there is just one challenge. Orion, the dolphin has simply vanished! Help the mermaids find Orion on this magical Adventure.

Come on a journey to find and meet Orion. Read the story and play the games and activities to find the clues. Learn valuable lessons about dolphins, animal care, ecology and mermaids along the way.

“Where’s the dolphin?’ allows children to try a number of other dolphin and mermaid-themed games and activities for free, including:

1. Story: Children develop reading skills and enjoy beautiful graphics as they flip through the pages of this e-book and go along with James and Joy on a magical seaside adventure.
2. Tips: Learn all about dolphins.
3. Quiz: Play the fun quiz to learn more about mermaids and dolphins.
4. Dress up: Magically dress up the mermaids and mermen.
5. Game: Orion is looking for his friends and family in his ocean home.  But can he get past the rubbish and face off against ocean creatures guarding the treasure chest? With your child’s help, he can in Dolphin Treasure.
6. Magical Art: Create incredible oceanic art.

With many surprises along the way, Where’s the dolphin keeps children educated and engaged. As they progress, they’ll make friends and earn points by finding the dolphin. As they play, children can also unlock achievements to continue the fun.

Easy to play, educational and full of fun, Where’s the dolphin? is an App that will get children excited and educated about the most adorable sea creatures.  Download it today and get ready to find the dolphin!


* Dolphin and Mermaid themed App with vivid, beautiful graphics
* Story that provides clues and educates children about caring for animals
* The story, quiz, tips and Virtual dolphin are provided for free to use at home and in the classroom.
* Unlock all the great games and activities with one simple in-app purchase
* Customise your mermaid, dolphin, ocean and coral with one simple in-app purchase
* Simple tap-to-play interface allows children to begin playing right away
* Add music to the game by choosing a favorite song from a selection of tracks
* Find the dolphin and complete achievements to unlock additional fun games and activities
* Compatible with Facebook, Twitter and World Leaderboards to post scores
* Teaches facts about dolphins, caring for animals and the environment in a fun, engaging way
* Introduces children to the mystical and magical world of the ocean, to develop imagination and creativity.
* Created by a special education teacher with over 25 years experience.

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